Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 655

    Chapter 655: My Baby VS. My Wife

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    The moment he saw the girl, Lu Tingxiao's frozen demeanor instantly cracked. "Ning Xi..."

    It had only been a few hours from when he had received Jiang Muye's phone call till now, but it felt like a few lifetimes long.

    He had finally found her!

    When he heard Ning Xi's words, the silver-haired man could not remain cool any longer. In frustration, he immediately turned around to berate her, "'Me', your backside! Get back in! Tang Ye, take her away!"

    He was immediately annoyed by her.

    How dare she cheat on him right in his face?! She was really going against him now!

    Feng Jin coughed slightly and Feng Xiaoxiao rubbed her nose speechlessly and looked at the sky innocently. Tang Ye looked like he had predicted all of this as he followed Satan's orders and walked over to start the engine.

    Watching the scenery rolling backwards quickly through the window and her distance from Lu Tingxiao increasing, Ning Xi instantly anxiously leaned out of the car window and cried very sadly, "I don't want to go...I don't want to..."

    Boss, save me...

    Looking at the girl's miserable little face, Lu Tingxiao felt his heart tighten and he felt an even more indescribable feeling of joy.

    Wasn't this silver-haired man the one she liked?

    Why did she actually admit that...she was his wife?

    Could it be that they were quarrelling? Or...

    The silver-haired guy was struggling to swallow his anger that was about to lose control of and said with his best nonchalant tone, "Huh! When my baby was in danger, where were you? I saved her and now you're here to take all the credit?"

    "My baby?" When Lu Tingxiao heard this, he immediately sealed off all the warmth he felt and said with a poker face, "Who should my wife thank for the danger?"

    "You..." The man was speechless.

    It was true that Augustine only picked on Ning Xi because of him and that if he had not arranged to meet Ning Xi here, she would not have met with danger.

    After that, it was not sure what the man had thought, but he started to be suspicious and looked at Feng Xiaoxiao. "When did the brat change her name to Nei Ren [1]?"

    Feng Xiaoxiao felt a trickle of cold sweat run down her forehead as she replied, "Um, boss, 'Nei Ren' is not a name. It's a form of address for your wife, basically...basically it means 'my wife'..."

    The silver-haired man immediately roared, "What the?! Your backside! Is it official now? You're 'Nei Ren'!"

    When he saw that Madam Lu was safe, the Captain could finally be temporarily relieved as he continued to advise Satan, "Let Madam Lu go. Everything can be negotiated, that's all I can say. If you continue to not take heed, don't blame us for using violence!"

    "Hah, it is my utmost wish." Not only did the silver-haired guy not back down, he actually seemed to look even more excited. His light brown eyes were fixated on Lu Tingxiao like an animal.

    Feng Xi frowned and said, "Satan, you can't! The boat is arriving soon. We can leave immediately, there's no need for conflict with them at such a time!"

    He was obviously very against the idea of ruining any plans for the woman. He had already disagreed with the previous plan of going against Augustine with such a huge force as he was afraid that something might go wrong. Alas, the situation had been worse than he foresaw!

    "Satan, yield for a moment and the wind shall calm while the wave subsides. Just let them have her first. We can always..."

    "Shut up!"

    Helplessly, Feng Jin looked towards Feng Xiaoxiao to ask for help.

    Feng Xiaoxiao shrugged and looked willing but unable to help. She did not know why every time that guy met something related to Lu Tingxiao, he would itch for a bloody fight. Plus, this time it was related to the Little Junior Sister, so it was a lost cause no matter who advised him.