Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 654

    Chapter 654: Me, Me, Me! Im His Wife!

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    Both parties came to a standstill. The air was tense and no one made a move yet.

    "What happened?" the man in the silver car asked as the group stopped advancing forward.

    In the car, Ning Xi looked pale due to the excessive blood loss. She did not have the strength to care about what was happening outside but she just opened her eyes halfway after hearing some commotion.

    Tang Ye came over from another armored car and reported, "Its the military."

    The man in the silver car coolly reacted, "Oh?"

    Philadelphia had always been a lawless area, yet the military was meddling this time? It seemed like they had allocated every resource they had available to this area

    "Interesting." The man got down from the car with a grin on his face.

    In one of the war tanks, the Captain felt that something was amiss when he saw the silver-haired man get down from the car. He had not expected for him to be back

    The Captain did not really care what he did in the dark, but he had left the military in an awkward position this time by meddling with trouble.

    "Captain Waymond, good day! What brings you here today?" greeted the man arrogantly, acting like Philadelphia was his own base.

    Feng Jin was concerned about the man's ego. He never knew how to restrain himself. They were already in a bad enough situation and provoking the military was not the best idea to get them out of there.

    The Captain simmered with anger but he put on a calmly stern facade. "Hand over the person you abducted. Lets save each others time!"

    He strictly followed the orders he had received and tried to solve the issue peacefully.

    Things were easy if it had just been Augustine to deal with, but for him...if both parties ended up in a fight, the cost would be too great!

    The silver-haired man raised his brows. The person he abducted?

    "Who exactly did I abduct?" the man asked in heightened interest.

    As the Captain was about to continue persuading him, a person alighted from a car at the back. The man was still wearing the black suit from the cocktail party and he had an icy cold aura around him. In a steely tone that matched his fierce eyes, he enunciated, "My wife."

    The moment the man appeared, the silver-haired man suddenly became sharp and aggressive rather than indifferent. He clenched his teeth and said, "Lu Tingxiao"

    The two men were a dozen steps apart; one evil, one ice cold.

    The air had invisible sparks lighting up.

    In the silver car, Ning Xi suddenly woke up.

    What happened? She thought...she just heard Lu Tingxiaos voice?

    No, impossible

    Why would Lu Tingxiao be here?

    It must be a hallucination

    The light in Ning Xis eyes faded quickly, but the small tiny spark of hope in her heart urged her to look outside the window.

    She was astonished when she finally saw what was happening.

    In front of that intimidating black fighter jet and war tank stood a familiar, mountainous figure. He emitted an aura of winter but he warmed her heart

    Lu Tingxiao

    It was...really him

    After a long suffocating silence, the silver-haired man spoke up, "Ha, funny. Whos your wife?"

    Before Lu Tingxiao could say anything, a head popped out of the silver car. Ning Xi waved while yelling, "Me, me, me...its me!"

    Save me, Boss!