Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 648

    Chapter 648: My Wife Is In Their Hands

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    "Hello, Uncle!!!" Jiang Muye greeted in an unusually agitated voice.

    "Did something happen?" the man's deep voice responded with some murmuring in the background as though he was at some business function.

    Jiang Muye did not dare to keep what had happened a secret. After all, he was in a foreign country and had no resources of his own. If Lu Tingxiao took action, it would definitely be much more convenient and efficient given his connections, so he just blurted out, "Uncle, Ning Xi is missing! She has already gone missing for an entire day! I've made a police report and according to their surveillance, they managed to track that she entered Philadelphia. We don't know what happened in Philadelphia, but all the surveillance there has malfunctioned and they cannot investigate anything further. I was prepared to rush over, but I was told that it's a dangerous area. I'm worried about Ning Xi..."

    In the luxurious banquet hall under a crystal chandelier, the man in a black tuxedo gripped the phone in his hand tighter and the temperature around him fell. "What did you say?"


    Didn't Ning Xi go to D.C. to promote the movie? Why would she go to Philadelphia?

    Mo Lingtian, who was beside him, shuddered and rubbed his arms. "Lu Tingxiao, what's wrong? You look unhappy."

    "Before tomorrow, I must know who that person is," Lu Tingxiao simply said, then he left the banquet hall without turning back.

    "My God! Tomorrow...even if I investigate with my life, there won't be enough time!" Mo Lingtian cursed after him.

    However, observing Lu Tingxiao's attitude earlier, it seemed like some huge issue had happened, so he did not dare to delay and instantly left to follow orders to get the work done.

    10 minutes later.

    In the night sky, on a helicopter.

    Lu Tingxiao put a black laptop on his knees, his face determined to go right into a storm that was brewing.

    The entire network in Philadelphia was paralyzed as if someone had intentionally sabotaged it to hide something.

    After half an hour, he finally managed to get some choppy footages...

    Even though it was only a short clip, his heart leapt into his throat!

    He saw Ning Xi being chased by a group of people wanting to kill her.

    The footage of the final second was the one of Ning Xi getting shot...

    Lu Tingxiao's voice started to shake as he ordered, "Go to Philadelphia."

    Cheng Feng who watched the surveillance footage on the laptop beside him looked horrified too. He only regained his senses when Lu Tingxiao gave his order, then he quickly said, "Boss, the entire Philadelphia is in chaos right now. It will be too dangerous to go there right now."

    Lu Tingxiao shot him a terrifying look and Cheng Feng could only shut up.

    Dead, they were dead...

    Please don't let anything happen to the lady boss...

    Or else...

    Lu Tingxiao did not know how he managed to sit through the last few seconds of footage. It was like walking through hell and back for him.

    He shut his eyes, then opened it again three seconds later. His eyes were like a deep pool, with no ripples in them at all.

    He took out his phone and made a call.

    "Minister Naka, I'm sorry for disturbing you at this hour."

    "Ah, Mr. Lu, my honorable guest, you're calling this late at night. Is there an emergency?" the man on the other end of the phone had a friendly tone.

    "Indeed. I need your help."

    "Oh? Mr. Lu, feel free to ask!"

    "I would like to borrow a troop of your best army from you, Minister."

    "What? This...this..." He did not expect Lu Tingxiao to ask for such an outrageous request so suddenly. His sleepiness instantly disappeared. "Mr. Lu, what's happened?"

    "I need to make a trip to Philadelphia."

    "My Lord, please don't! Philadelphia has been controlled by a group of Italian gangsters recently. Even if you have a dire emergency, please wait until the situation is more stable before..."

    "My wife is in their hands."