Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 647

    Chapter 647: What The Hell?! My Eyes!

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    All the time while waiting for Ning Xi to show up, Guo Qisheng and Jiang Muye both tried calling her multiple times but Ning Xi's phone remained switched off.

    This was when they started to be anxious and asked the hotel receptionists if they had seen Ning Xi. When they realized no one had noticed anything, they requested for the surveillance recordings.

    The process of getting the surveillance tapes from the hotel was rather complicated and by the time they looked at the recordings, it was already night.

    The surveillance showed that Ning Xi did indeed return to her room as soon as she reached the hotel and she did not go out within the night as well. She had only left in the morning the following day. Since then, she had not been back till now...

    "What's going on? Where did she go to that she has not returned yet?" Jiang Muye's brows furrowed.

    Based on the way she dressed from the surveillance, it did not seem like she had gone out for fun. Besides, it was still very early in the morning when she left...

    Guo Qisheng paced back and forth while looking worried. "It's not very safe here in America...even though D.C. isn't too bad, but the suburbs aren't known for being peaceful. Could Ning Xi have left D.C.? Did she tell you where she was going today?"

    Jiang Muye shook his head. "She did not say anything. I didn't manage to drag her to the bar since she said she wanted to catch up on sleep!"

    The both of them started to look for her since noon. However, there was no news of Ning Xi at all until later that night...


    At the same time, at a certain business reception in Imperial.

    Lu Tingxiao wore a black tuxedo and stood in front of the huge floor to ceiling window, looked deep in thought.

    Behind him, Mo Lingtian walked over and put his hand on his shoulders, unable to bear seeing this go on any longer. "Hey, hey, hey! What are you thinking of again? Why do you seem so absent-minded recently? It's fine if you're not going to drink at the reception, but now you won't even bring your spirit with you?"

    Then, Mo Lingtian saw Lu Tingxiao's phone screen light up. He clawed at his eyes, feigning blindness. "What the hell?! My eyes! They burn! What's this? Lu Tingxiao, are you okay?"

    Lu Tingxiao shot a look at his best friend coldly as if his words had insulted the screensaver on his phone.

    Lu Tingxiao's phone screensaver was a selfie of Ning Xi, Little Treasure, and him. It was their family portrait of three. In the picture, the three of them had all posed cutely, holding their cheeks like buns. Little Treasure looked madly adorable while Ning Xi smiled extremely brightly. Despite Lu Tingxiao's poker face standing out oddly, the tenderness and love in his eyes could not be concealed...

    The three of their faces had lots of little fun stickers pasted on them and above everyone's head was a pair of pink-colored cat ears. Had it been just Little Treasure and Ning Xi, the picture would have been quite cute, but once the awkward and stone-faced Lu Tingxiao was included, the entire picture looked extremely queer.

    It was no wonder that Mo Lingtian acted like he was going blind. "My goodness! You actually took pictures like this! I'm amazed! Anyone who came across this would think you've been possessed!"

    Lu Tingxiao totally understood his best friend's insults. He clicked on Ning Xi's name to send her a message: [Have you landed?]

    If the flight had not been delayed, Ning Xi's flight should be landing right about that time. Because he had the function to attend, he did not personally fetch her.

    Lu Tingxiao did not receive any reply for a long time. A while later, his phone suddenly rang. He thought it was Ning Xi but on the phone screen was "Jiang Muye".