Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 645

    Chapter 645: Serves Him Right That Little Sister Ran Off

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    Augustine, Tang Ye, Feng Xiaoxiao, and Feng Jin were speechless.

    In fact, everyone else who was initially tensed and prepared to fight was rendered speechless.

    Bro, the place is practically filled to the brim with gunpowder! Can you please review the occasion before displaying your affections?

    Ning Xi could only feel a tall shadow behind her, then a familiar voice breathed into her ear. From the side of her vision, she could vaguely see a strand of silver hair lightly whirling in the night breeze...

    However, Ning Xi was not confused for too long because the guy was like a huge dog and had suddenly put his entire weight on her, causing her injured thigh to sting slightly. Instantly, the piercing ache awoke her, then she said through gritted teeth, "I...miss you, Uncle!!!"

    The man raised his eyebrows and he said in a low voice, "Mmm? My dear, did you say something extra?" She should be missing him, shouldn't she? Why was did she address him as her uncle?

    "Yes, I called you 'Uncle'!!!"

    "Baby, you're so smart, you really did call me 'Uncle' wrongly."

    Ning Xi did not have time to teach him the depths of the Chinese language. She could not hold it in anymore and exclaimed, "Move away! My leg has been shot!"

    When the man heard her, he finally straightened his body slowly and distanced himself slightly. His cold gaze skimmed the horrific looking wound on her thigh and said simply, "How useless."

    "You..." Ning Xi's body was already reaching her pain threshold. Combined with the loss of blood and this dude testing her patience, her body wavered and she almost passed out.

    The man held the girl's limp body steadily, then supported her by the waist. His light brown eyes turned to Tang Ye and said, "Have some fun with them."

    Then, he carried Ning Xi towards the shabby car and Feng Xiaoxiao followed him to remind, "Uhh...Junior Sister is wounded. This car is too run-down, just take the helicopter!"

    "She's not that weak," the man replied curtly before he just put the girl into the car.

    Behind him, Feng Xiaoxiao's mouth twitched and insulted, "Pfft, this EQ of his...serves him right that Little Sister ran off with someone else..."

    When Tang Ye heard this, he turned to shoot Feng Xiaoxiao a look.

    Feng Xiaoxiao felt her goosebumps rise. "What? Did I say anything wrong?"

    Tang Ye replied, "You're not wrong. In fact, you are very accurate indeed."

    Feng Xiaoxiao was speechless.

    She looked Augustine and the rest, "What should we do with these people here? What does have 'fun' mean? Does 'fun' include killing them?"

    Feng Jin looked gravely at her. "They are the other side's men after all. It won't be easy to explain if they're dead. Have mercy on their lives."

    Tang Ye nodded, indicating that he had no opinions.

    In fact, today they had already caused too much of a ruckus. If they alarmed the American government, the consequences would be unimaginable. They had to resolve this as soon as possible...

    Inside the silver little car.

    Ning Xi leaned weakly on the car seat. She felt like she could black out and die any time but she did not dare to, so she used her last bit of strength to hold onto her consciousness.

    Beside her, the man was speaking into the walkie-talkie in English.

    In Ning Xi's dazed state, she could vaguely pick up several words. She was suddenly very awake and she demanded, "You guys want to migrate everything?"

    She thought that she heard the guy saying that the organization's location had been secretly exposed, so now they had to all retreat to Country Y.

    The man put the walkie-talkie down and watched her with his cold hazel eyes. Then, with his long fingers, he lightly pulled off the wig that was already lop-sided and said gently, "My dear, it's not you guys. It's us."