Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 643

    Chapter 643: Even Satan Has To Follow Orders Obediently

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    A flash of insanity crossed Augustine's face. He had already said that at that very moment, he was the king of Philadelphia. Forget about Satan's dog, even if Satan himself appeared here, he would have to die in Philadelphia!

    Feng Jin looked at the police cars that had them surrounded. The car doors were opened and the police guns were pointed at his group through the wound down car windows. The rest of the police force held up riot shields and blocked all the escape routes, executing the perfect plan to wipe out Feng Jin and his gang.

    "Hahaha, these are all Satan's people. They won't surrender, so why don't you just kill them all?!"

    Augustine hinted to the brawny man behind him.

    That man understood and immediately looked at Feng Jin who was among the surrounded crowd and pulled the trigger.


    Suddenly, a loud sound rang across the square.

    What shocked everyone was that Feng Jin who was initially meant to be shot was not harmed at all. Instead, it was the muscular man behind Augustine who was shot in the head, blood spurting out of the hole in his head.

    Just like that, that man's stiff body fell to the ground.

    "A sniper?!"

    Augustine and the head of police beside him had an incredulous expression on their faces.

    "They actually have snipers..." Augustine's nostrils flared in anger. Snipers were very hard to avoid. Who'd have known that Feng Jin had planned for an ambush with snipers in the dark corners! No wonder they were so fearless.

    The head of the police opened his mouth like he wanted to say something.

    However, at that moment, a thunderous boom was heard, making everyone's eardrums ring with piercing silence in the aftermath.

    "What's happening?!"

    Several police cars were crumpled by a strong force. When Augustine and the rest looked behind them, they saw a military tank!

    "Wha-....a military tank?!"

    The head of the police had his mouth opened in disbelief.

    On top of that tank were several machine guns and behind it were armed men with various artillery. In just one glance, they really did look like a regular army.

    "Goddamn it, it must be Satan! Destroy that tank!" Augustine shouted angrily, certain that Satan was definitely in that armed tank.




    Following Augustine's orders, one roar after another was heard. Under everyone's horrified gazes, each of the militant tanks made their way over slowly and very soon, they were stacked up akin to a mountain!

    On top of every tank were terrifying machine guns armed by two fully equipped men.

    "Mr. Augustine, earlier a certain someone said that you would take all the consequences upon yourself," Feng Jin looked at Augustine and said very courteously.

    "You're asking for it!" Augustine bellowed furiously. Then, under Augustine's orders, a man behind him started shooting at Feng Jin.

    However, before he could even pull the trigger, a sniper took out the man.

    "Mr. Augustine, I understand your reluctance and anger, but forgive me for being straightforward. You're not very different from an ant. You won't be able to kill anyone here." Feng Jin shrugged nonchalantly.

    "Fight to your death! Don't worry! With this witch in my hands, even Satan will follow my orders obediently!" Augustine said cruelly despite not really having a plan.

    Suddenly, the sky above them started to ring with the rotor sounds of a grass cutter.

    Augustine and the head of the police looked up to find themselves gasping at the unbelievable sight.