Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 642

Chapter 642: Stay Here Forever

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The car doors were flung open and several dozen men in black suits came out.

Their leader was a middle-aged man who glanced over everyone and his gaze rested on Augustine.

"Mr. Augustine, I think youve caught someone you shouldnt have, and done something you shouldnt have," the middle-aged man said, nodding at Augustine.

"Boss, theyre Satans men," whispered a man to Augustine in a nervous tone.

Augustine did not need the reminder. He recognized this man as someone he had seen near Satan before. To his memory, this man was a tactician responsible for negotiations.

"Oh...I remember you, youre Feng Jin." Augustine looked at the middle-aged man and smiled coldly.

"Youre right, Mr. Augustine." Feng Jin answered, remaining solemn.

"Hahaha, interesting, so Satan didn't dare to come here himself. Sending a dog to chat with me instead?" he tried to provoke the man while pulling on Ning Xis hair harder.

"Mr. Augustine, I think youre mistaken, Im not here to talk to you. Im just reminding you that if you dont let Tang Xi go now, the consequences would be dire."

Augustine laughed at Feng Jins words. The whole of Philadelphia was his turf now and he could even utilize the entire police force in Philadelphia, not just these dozen men. Even if Satan was here himself, he would be dead!

Suddenly, Augustines expression darkened. "You are in no position to talk to me, but since youre here, Ill do my best to welcome you. You can stay here...forever"

As Augustine finished his sentence, hundreds of guns aimed in onto Feng Jin.

Feng Jing was unfazed as he calmly said, "Since you aren't going to take my advice, Mr. Augustine, then please accept the consequences."

After he finished, he walked away from them, ignoring all the guns.

In the next second, a dozen of black cars appeared everywhere, blocking all the escape routes.

Augustine was caught off-guard and he frowned a little, but he was calm soon after. He chortled. "Is this what Satan is capable of? You want to face me with just these few people and the whole of Philadelphia?!"

Augustine made a phone call and briefly instructed, "Do it."

Police sirens wailed nearby.

The sirens broke the silence in the night, the number of police cars almost doubling the number of cars Feng Jin had brought.

"Hahaha, you guys make fine prey! The Police Department of Philadelphia was interested to check you guys out. Ive already said that even if Satan came here personally, hed have to die here." Hundreds of armed police officers surrounded them, all looking ferocious. The police force had tightly surrounded Feng Jin and his people. Looking at the number of uniformed officers, this was probably the whole of the Philadelphias police force.