Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 640

Chapter 640: How Is This A Romantic Misfortune?

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"Are you still expecting someone to come and save you?" mocked the man, looking at Ning Xi like his prey with a sardonic smile.

"The whole of Philadelphia is now under our control, so you'd better give up now. Any hope you have now will just add to your despair later on," the man told Ning Xi with a smirk on his face.

Since her wish to live was being snuffed out, it was easy for her to seek death.

Tens of guns aimed at Ning Xi and she morbidly imagined the numerous holes which would riddle her body the moment the man gave his signal.

The man was relaxed like a cat that caught the mouse. Ning Xi was an easy prey in his hands, one he would only eat after getting bored of playing with.

"Little girl, rest assured that we wont kill you soon. We will only torture you to death after were done having fun with you. For now, our game has just begun."

Ning Xi did not express any fear and acted exceptionally calm, making the man unhappy. He wanted to see Ning Xi beg him for forgiveness.

Suddenly, Ning Xi mustered up her strength and struggled to break free of the mans grip. She shoved him and then ran away, limping.

Ning Xis thigh had been shot, so she ran slower than she wished she could and blood was oozing out of her wound.


Another gunshot was fired from behind her, the bullet ricocheting off the ground in front of Ning Xi, creating a powder storm of rocks and sand.

Ning Xi clenched her teeth and powered through as if she was not afraid of death.

The man used his right hand to hold the gun which was still emitting smoke as he said sourly, "Who gave you permission to shoot? Theres no fun playing with a dead mouse. Plus, I have a lot of time today!"

"Boss, I understand. My bad." The henchman who fired the shot just now nodded fearfully.

As they watched the womans stumbling silhouette get away, the man patiently called after her, "Little girl, run! Its more fun that way, how exciting! Hahahaha"

The mans ear-piercing maniacal cackle haunted Ning Xi, echoing in the air

Sometime later, Ning Xi right leg was becoming numb and she slowed down even more. She turned to look over her shoulder and could not see any of them anymore.

Night soon fell. Stars blanketed the sky and the moon shone brightly.

Ning Xi simply bandaged her leg with a strip of her shirt and she had painstakingly removed the bullet by herself but the pain remained. It was much more bearable now though, compared to before. At least, her leg would still be functional after this.

Ning Xi laughed bitterly at herself. Here she was, still worrying if her leg would be functional when she did not even know if she could get out of Philadelphia alive. She actually knew what was going to happen to her but did not want to admit it.

She already felt in her bones that something bad was going to happen, but this was a hundred times worse than what she expected.

How did her romantic misfortune turn into a death trap?

Only people who gave up on worldly desires had no fear of death, but now, she was afraid. Afraid that she would die.