Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 637

Chapter 637: My Lord, What Do You Want?

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The owner was on the verge of crying. "My Lord, what do you want?"

Ning Xi looked innocently at him. "I want to pay!"

The owner did not dare to take her money and wrung his hands. "I dont want it! I really dont want it!"

Ning Xi's temper flared. "Damn it! I said I want to pay! Ill punch you!" He was breaking her life principles!

After a long while, the owner gave her a price and she paid the money, leaving satisfied. The owner looked at the money on the table and trembled. He did not expect that she would really pay

Fortunately, Ning Xi saw a taxi after she came out of the shop and flagged it down to take a ride straight to her destination.

She closed her eyes and rested for a little, then she heard a loud bang from the back of the car. Something had hit the car from the back very hard.

People living in Philadelphia mostly had great instincts for trouble. The driver reacted quickly and ran away, abandoning his taxi after realizing something was not right.

Ning Xi quickly followed and went out of the car. She thought that it was some riot or robbery happening, but she knew it was something more when four men came out from the car which had hit the taxi and surrounded her, all pointing their guns at her.

It was a life-threatening situation! Ning Xi instinctively reached her hand to the gun on her hips.

What happened?

They were here for her!

She had never seen these fair-skinned men before and she did not remember causing any trouble on her way here. There was no way they could be her old enemies since none of them would dare to attack her in the day.

"Put down your gun." The leader wearing a black sleeveless shirt looked at her with scorn and snapped, "Quickly!"

The man seemed to know that she had a good aim and he was being wary of her gun. He then released a shot near her foot as a warning.

The other three men stared at her carefully, watching for any sudden movements.

Bang! Dust rose from the ground beside Ning Xis foot.

Ning Xi understood that she was at a total disadvantage and she had no means to counter, so she clenched her teeth and tossed her gun away.

The leader let out a short sigh of relief, then he put up a ferocious expression. "You witch, you killed my brothers! Im going to take revenge for them today!"

"I killed your brothers? Who are they? Are you mistaken?" Ning Xi was confused and tried to get them to talk more, so she could assess the environment nearby.

The man flew into a rage. "Stop talking! Raise your hands and come over slowly!"

Suddenly, Ning Xi saw a police car pass by and she felt really glad.

No matter how fearsome these people were, they would not dare to oppose the police!

As she was about to call for help, the police car came straight to them. The police in uniform walked over with a smile and acted really pally with the leader.

"What's going on, man?"

"Not much, just some personal matter. Please help me to look out and not let anyone come near here. We don't want to hurt anyone innocent!"

"Sure, no problem!"

Ning Xi looked at the police car in dismay as it went away. Not only was she not saved, but her escape route was also sealed off.

Damn it, it seemed like these people were pretty influential!