Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 636

    Chapter 636: Im A Decent Person Now

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    As he spoke, he put down two pictures on the table. "Ning Xi, Tang Xi. Both of them are the same person! But why isnt she with Satan? She also used another identity and stayed beside Lu Tingxiao."

    "Hmm, interesting" Augustine touched his chin.

    "Do you want me to check it out?" his henchman asked.

    Augustine waved his hand impatiently. "Nope, it doesnt matter, shes going to die!"

    The henchman was shocked. "Boss, want to...she has ties with Satan. Because of her, Satan even had Tang Ye"

    "Shut up!" Augustine felt a burning pain at the spot his ears were sliced off as he felt humiliated and ordered them angrily, "You dare defy my orders?"

    ", sir!"

    "Get her alive! Ill let them see how Ill torture this woman to death!" The mans eyes were filled with bloodlust.

    Had it not been for this woman, his plan would not have failed and he would not have gotten himself into this situation without any alliance and any weapons...

    They cared a lot about this woman and they would now taste the price of humiliating him!

    The henchman was really bothered and he reminded Augustine again, "If Satan finds out about this"

    Augustine sneered, "That piece of crap is now hiding in the Straits of Malacca! By the time he finds out, the womans body would already be rotting! Moreover, there will be people here to get us out tomorrow, so what are you afraid of? Dont you want to get revenge for Firo and Alice?"

    The henchman clenched his teeth. "Okay! Ill bring more men over. That woman seems like a big trouble to deal with!"

    Augustine pushed the scantily clad girl out of his arms. "Wait, Ill go myself!"

    After Ning Xi was clear of her direction, she did not go to the casino immediately, dodging into a small discreet shop instead.

    "Sir, get me a Glock 17."

    She was not able to get the P226 Lu Tingxiao had given her through the customs, so she could only buy one here to defend herself. She did not feel secure enough to walk around here without a gun.

    In the shop, a fat man was cleaning a pile of bullets and he did not even bother to raise his head. "We dont deal with fresh customers."

    "Sir, are you sure that Im fresh?" Ning Xi looked at him with a grin.

    The owner raised his head impatiently. After he realized who it was, his jowls trembling and the bullets in his hands fell onto the floor. He then crawled under the table and asked, "You...didnt you leave? Why are you back?"

    He quickly looked behind her to see if there was anyone else.

    Ning Xi knew what he was looking at. This small little shop was one of the largest underground trading grounds. There were a lot of interesting items here, not just weapons but also ancient medicine. She used to come here with Second Senior Brother just to take items away from here. The owner would always get a headache whenever he saw them.

    "Take whatever you want!" the owner urged her quickly, not wanting her to stay any longer.

    Ning Xi walked around and picked up a gun herself. "How much is it?"

    "! I dont want your money! Just go!"

    Ning Xi said unhappily, "I cant do that, Im a decent person now!"