Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 635

    Chapter 635: That Woman Has Reached Philadelphia!

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    Jiang Muye ignored his thoughts and mumbled, "Then wouldnt my uncle have to wait until the day he dies?"

    "Shut up! Stop jinxing me!"

    "Im telling the truth. It might still be possible to provide for me though"

    Ning Xi rolled her eyes at him. "I like to challenge the impossible!"

    Jiang Muye felt his heart ache when he looked at the girl as he knew she was being serious this time.

    He thought that she had already given up, but he had underestimated her. From the cowardly little girl she was, she now chose to be by his side

    He had always thought that this girl was heartless.

    Now, he understood that she was not heartless; it was just not meant for him

    Jiang Muye suppressed his feelings and he gave her a pat on the shoulder. "Do you want to go for a drink tonight? The best nightclubs in the world are in D.C.!"

    The United States had a wide social divide. There were extremely rich places like D.C. but there were ghost towns like Philadelphia too.

    "I know youll have other intentions" Ning Xi stared at him despicably. "No, I want to sleep!"

    Tomorrow was the promised day to meet YS and she needed to prepare herself.

    The crew was leaving tomorrow afternoon. After some rest tonight, she would go to Philadelphia to meet YS early in the morning, then she would be back by the time the crew had to leave.

    "Ning Xiao Xi, whats wrong with you?! Youre not even with him yet and youre avoiding night clubs already!"

    Ning Xi shook her head. "Those who dont have someone they like would never understand!"

    "How do you know that I dont have someone I like?"

    "Ah, there is someone? Who?"

    "A bastard!"

    "Perfect, a brat like you would need a bastard to hold you down!"


    After the roadshow ended for the day, the whole crew went out to have fun. Ning Xi declined their invitation and went back to the hotel to sleep.

    At 5 a.m. in the morning, the alarm rang.

    Ning Xi opened her eyes, picked up her bag and went on her way to Philadelphia.

    On the outskirts of Philadelphia, she went to a restaurant for breakfast, then changed her outfit in the washroom.

    By the time she came out, she was dressed in a male outfit.

    First Brother Senior had told her that their meeting point was one of their spots, an underground casino in the center of Philadelphia.

    She was familiar with Philadelphia because she had stayed here for a year before, but riots happened frequently here and most of the buildings were rebuilt, causing her to lose her bearings. After a long while, she finally recognized some of the landmarks.

    Due to the governments effort, there were a lot of patrolling police cars on the street. The city looked much better than before without fights breaking out in the daytime.

    What Ning Xi did not know was that she was being watched the moment she had stepped into the States

    "Boss, that woman has reached Philadelphia!"

    "Really?" On a leather sofa, a blond man with blue eyes seemed to be tucking his long hair under his ear, but there was nothing there. Both his ears were sliced off.

    "Its true, I was worried that we might not be able to do anything in D.C. but some of our men saw her exit the hotel and come to Philadelphia. She's even changed into a male outfit and we almost couldnt recognize her! But this proves one thing!"