Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 632

    Chapter 632: Woman, Youre Playing With Fire!

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    The next day, all the headlines in fashion news were about the dark horse that won the Golden Award. They brutally described David's awkward walk of shame and featured a picture of him getting up from his seat preparing to go up on stage for the prize. As always, the news was much more dramatic than your average gossip.

    [New Designer X Storms Golden Award: A Young Girl?]

    [David Defeated - The End Of His Era?]

    [Dark Horse In The Golden Award, Snatching The Limelight]

    [Whos Behind The Spirit Studio?]

    At Platinum Palace.

    It was the weekend and Lu Tingxiao was taking a day off. Ning Xi had promised to bring Little Treasure to the theme park and he was up early, packing.

    Lu Jingli was still in his pajamas, but he was already waving the newspaper in front of his brother, "Bro! Look! Gong Shangze actually won the Golden Award! And with full marks! He totally dominated David! Sister-in-law is too powerful! She picked up a genius!"

    Lu Tingxiao sipped his tea calmly, looking like he already knew.

    "But what does the pseudonym X mean? Is it anything special? Gong...Shang...Ze...none of his initials is an X." Lu Jingli thought about it and then it dawned on him.

    "Ning Xi...Xi...oh"

    Lu Jingli carefully glanced at his brother, quickly commenting, "This guy is really loyal, using his boss initial as the name!"

    As they were talking, Butler Yuan escorted Ning Xi in.

    Lu Jingli stared at Ning Xi. "Xiao Xi Xi, youre here! Youre really dirty-minded!"

    Ning Xi scowled at him. "Whats wrong with you? How am I dirty-minded?"

    Lu Jingli pointed his fingers at the six dresses on the newspaper. "Your design theme!"

    Ning Xi rolled her eyes at him. "What are you talking about? 'Rebirth from the Fire', its such a positive theme!"

    Lu Jingli gave her a suggestive look and said, "But I can only think of one thing"

    "What did you think of?" Ning Xi was not expecting anything good to come out of his mouth.

    Lu Jingli replied seriously, "Woman, youre playing with fire!"

    Ning Xi was annoyed. She could not stand him anymore. "Youre the dirty-minded one!"

    She ignored him and went to Lu Tingxiao. "Boss, wheres Little Treasure?"

    Little Treasure ran out as soon as he heard Ning Xis voice.

    Ning Xi lifted him up. "Are you ready?"

    Little Treasure patted his bag, signaling that he was more than ready to go.

    "Alright, then well go now!"

    Ning Xi was traveling out of the country for a roadshow tomorrow. One of the areas she would be going to was America and she planned to go Philadelphia then to meet YS. Before she left, she wanted to have fun with Little Treasure.

    "Its a weekend and therell be a lot of people. Be careful," Lu Tingxiao reminded them from the sofa.

    Ning Xi held Little Treasure up and blinked. "Boss, aren't you not coming with us?"

    Lu Tingxiao was surprised and he looked up from his documents. "You...want me to go?"

    Usually, he would not disturb them when Ning Xi brought Little Treasure out since he thought that they might not have as much fun if they were with him, so he did not expect Ning Xi to ask him.