Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 631

    Chapter 631: Is She Even Legal Yet?

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    When everyone was expecting designer X to go on stage, something happened.

    Gong Shangze passed out.

    He was already suffering from a fever before, toughing it out, then he could not take it anymore.

    The host was urging for the mysterious designer to go on stage. Han Momo panicked. "What to do now, Sis Xi?"

    Ning Xi touched Gong Shangzes burning forehead and helped him to lean on her shoulder. "Ill bring him to the hospital. You take the prize for him."

    "Huh? Me?" Han Momo was shocked, her jaw left hanging.

    In the end, Han Momo hopped up the stage like a bunny, almost tripping from her nervousness and outdoing everyone's expectations.

    And her outfit today

    She wore a lolita-style dress and looked like a cute Japanese doll.

    "What the heck? Nirvana Reincarnated's designer is a little girl? This doesnt make sense!"

    "Such a grand style. Even if its not a man, might as well be a grown woman! Is she even legal yet?"

    "Uh, youre...Nirvana Reincarnated's designer, X?" the host asked in surprise.

    Qu Guanyang raised his eyebrows and touched his chin to ask, "Are you here in someone elses stead?"

    His instinct from his experience in the industry told him that she was not the designer for Nirvana Reincarnated.

    Han Momo nodded and bowed to the audience politely. "Everyone, Im sorry, X isnt able to come today because he is not feeling well. Im his assistant and Im here to receive the prize in his stead!"

    Now that made sense

    As everyone let out a sigh of relief, the mystery shrouding X intensified!

    The competition evening finally came to an end. Han Momo carefully held the trophy and sneaked out even before the journalists could come to her.

    All the attention was shifted to David and Ning Xueluo.

    "Ms. Ning, History lost this time. Do you have anything to say?"

    "Was Qu Guanyang implying that youre trying to manipulate the competitions result?"

    "Director David, youve lost to someone even with your best design. How do you feel?"

    David looked really unwell and he did not know what to answer.

    Ning Xueluos phone had been ringing non-stop after the competition results were out. They had lost a few million dollars in just a few minutes after some big customers canceled their reservations. The worst thing was that the unknown Spirit Studio could end up as their biggest competitor.

    David knew that things were bad just by looking at Ning Xueluos expression. "Miss, its just a local award. Its nothing!"

    "Nothing?! In just a few minutes, weve lost five million dollars!"

    Most importantly, how could she face everyone? People said she had good taste and had a treasure in her hands. Now, she did not win the prize and was even accused of controlling the competition results!

    David cursed internally. Five million dollars, so what? Remember how much we earned before!

    But he still spoke carefully, "Ms. Ning, please believe me. The effect is just temporary, that designer has a similar style to mine, but weve already dominated the market. He can never take away our customers!"

    "He'd better not!"