Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 624

    Chapter 624: Wait For The Results

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    Ning Xi just shut her eyes, weary to waste another second on these people.

    Li Yueling pulled Ning Xueluo away and walked towards the VIP seats. "Forget her, since she will be the one embarrassed and not us! I can't believe she would dare to come to a place like this. Does she even know what fashion is?"

    Ning Xueluo hesitated, "Maybe she really did receive an invite?"

    Li Yueli immediately said with a convinced expression, "No way! Today's seats are hard to come by, even my mother only got it after begging from so many people. I almost couldn't accompany you here!"

    "Her relationship with Lu Jingli seems pretty good..." Ning Xueluo said intentionally.

    Li Yueling's face stiffened. "I don't think so. Otherwise, with Lu Jingli's capabilities, he could have definitely arranged a front row VIP seat. Why would she sit in a nook like that?! These kind of people are simply disgusting! She's everywhere!"

    She scoffed, "Okay, let's not talk about her anymore. Xueluo, when the award ceremony is over later, let's go straight to the Royal Jazz Hotel. I've already booked a room for you guys to celebrate!"

    Ning Xueluo shot her an angry look. "We still don't know if we'll win the award!"

    "Why don't you know? I've already asked around. Among the shortlisted works this time around, your designs are the most talked about one. The highest award must be yours!" Then, she closed in towards Ning Xueluo's ear mysteriously and said softly, "I've gotten my mom to inquire for you, the Golden Award this time is David's. Don't worry!"

    Ning Xueluo's eyes gleamed when she heard this but she was still humble. "Best to talk after the results are out!"

    As she said this, David took his seat too. Li Yueling immediately teased him, "Hey, our talent is here! After winning the award this time, tons of people will try to hire you, won't they?"

    "Beauty Lee, look at you. My boss is the reincarnation of my parents! Even if I had wings to fly to the sky, I would never leave the boss!" David had always been an opportunist and his brownnosing skills were top notch.

    On the other side, Gong Shangze and the assistant sat beside Ning Xi.

    "Everything settled?"

    "Mmm." Gong Shangze nodded, he had done all he could. Now, he could only wait for the results.

    Very soon, the host's opening speech had ended and the competition officially began.

    On the T-shaped stage, after a round of the dazzling lights twinkling, the first participant's designs were paraded on stage.

    The screen displayed a lengthy paragraph by way of introduction. "Yagyu, the winner of the 17th Chinese fashion Golden Awards. Member of the Chinese Fashion Designer Association, Member of the Art of Fashion council, previously granted the titles of 'Outstanding Fashion Designer' and 'Top Ten Best Fashion Designers'."

    Yagyu's theme was the 12 Chinese zodiacs totem elements, catching the attention of everyone.

    However, after a short burst of admiration, everyone immediately sensed that they seemed very familiar.

    "Pfft, even Yagyu is out of talented designers? This is obviously David's style!"

    "Since David made the Chinese style trendy, everyone started to follow suit with Chinese elements. It's so overdone!"

    "The point is that those people were intentional with their designs. Look closely and you will notice that they are all not outstanding, they completely missed David's natural flow and spontaneity!"


    As Han Momo listened to the criticisms around her, she felt herself breaking out in cold sweat. Just impersonations were already abused like that. Wait till Director Gong's designs came out. How harshly would they be criticized?