Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 623

    Chapter 623: Even If Bitten, I Will Report!

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    Gong Shangze quavered as his hands trembled slightly, "That was a design from the peak of my inspiration and it was my most perfect work. The theme of it is life and there are six outfits from that series. David had just enough of them to use for this competition..."

    Ning Xi wanted to console him, but Gong Shangze took a deep breath and calmed himself down. He consoled Ning Xi instead, "Boss, the competition is about to start. You go out first, I'll come after!"

    Seeing his calm confidence, Ning Xi patted his shoulders. "Okay, call me if there's anything. Momo, you look after him well. If he's feeling sick or uncomfortable anywhere, immediately inform me!"

    "Understood, Sis Xi! Even if Director bites me, I will be determined to report him to you!"

    "Good, report all you want, Sis Xi will support you!"

    Listening to the two of them, Gong Shangze looked helplessly at them, but in his cold-blooded bones, he felt a ripple of warmth.

    He carefully took out the outfit for the competition and his radiance beamed from his face...


    The competition was about to begin and the venue was bustling with anticipation.

    After the reporters had finished interviewing the participants, they clambered to interview the famous names from the industry.

    Recently, 'The World' was heavily promoted to be showing in theatres soon. As the main female character, the probability of exposs and topics about Ning Xueluo was naturally very high. Plus, just as David was the predicted winner of the Golden Award, Ning Xueluo was the owner of History, so most of the reporters had surrounded her.

    "Miss Ning, how did you discover David? Could you share your story with us?" the reporters quickly asked what they thought would be the largest scoop for the public to feast on.

    Ning Xueluo smiled demurely and said, "If you really want to talk about being a good judge of talent, it's actually not me. My boyfriend first discovered David. It was only later on when I looked and decided that he was not too shabby, so after some discussion with him, we decided to invest..."

    "That's actually such an interesting story! That means you and your boyfriend are really connected telepathically! Even both your judgments are spot-on!"

    "'The World' has yet to be released but there is already so much attention given to it. The box offices will definitely sell well then! In fact, we heard that 'The World' will be nominated for quite a few prestigious awards. Wow, Xueluo, you've got a fantastic harvest this year!" one of the more familiar reporters complimented.

    "Hahaha, yeah, I've even thought in advance about the headline for when Xueluo wins the title!"


    The reporters only went back to their seats when the host announced that the competition was going to begin.

    Ning Xi was slightly further from the main sitting area, leaning in a corner. While the host started her opening script, she had closed her eyes to rest for a while when suddenly an annoying voice was heard.

    "Eh...isn't this Ning Xi, the big star, Ning Xi? Are you here to watch the competition too? Didn't you know that you need an entrance ticket for today? Be careful not to get chased out for crashing!"

    The person who spoke was Li Yueling and she was holding on to Ning Xueluo's arm.

    Vexation from being disturbed flashed across Ning Xi's lazy eyes and she slowly raised her gaze to look at Li Yueling, exaggerating with a shocked expression, "Miss Li, have you switched jobs to become part of security now?"

    Li Yueling was stunned, then she shouted angrily, "You're the one who's the security guard!"

    Ning Xi nodded like realization just dawned on her. "Oh, sorry, turns out I'm being a busybody. I misunderstood."

    "You...!!!" Li Yueling sputtered in indignation.

    Ning Xueluo reminded kindly, "Ning Xi, Yueling is just being nice. All the seats are reserved, you can't simply sit anywhere you like..."