Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 620

    Chapter 620: Sis Xi, Your Boyfriend Skills Are Amazing!

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    After talking to Lu Jingli on the phone, Ning Xi was chatting to Little Treasure when a phone call from the studio came.

    "Hello, Momo."

    "Sis Xi, something...something's wrong! Something happened to Gong Shangze! Come over quickly!" the studio assistant urged, her voice laced with worry.

    "Something has happened to Gong Shangze? What is it?"

    "He suddenly fainted!"

    Ning Xi gasped, "Why did he suddenly faint? Don't worry, I'm already on my way. I'll be there soon!"

    That naughty child! He must have overworked himself!

    At Spirit Studio.

    The moment Ning Xi pushed the door open, she saw Gong Shangze's ashen face in the midst of a large pile of crumpled up draft papers. The assistant, Han Momo, lay beside him, sobbing her eyes out.

    "Sis Xi! You're finally here!" Han Momo looked up at her as though her savior had just arrived. She said between sobs, "I've called for the ambulance but the hospital says that they're too busy and can't arrange for a vehicle to come over and I alone can't seem to carry him..."

    Ning Xi passed her bag and handphone to the assistant then bent over and immediately lifted the unconscious Gong Shangze by the waist before putting him on the sofa bed in the lounge area...

    Han Momo watched as Gong Shangze was practically being carried like a bride over the threshold and her mouth turn into an "O". She exclaimed, "Sis Xi, your boyfriend skills are amazing!!!"

    "No...It's just your director who's so light! Didn't I assign you to take care of him? Why does he look like he's gotten scrawnier in the last few days?" Ning Xi scowled.

    The assistant immediately looked guilty when she heard Ning Xi's comment. "Sis Xi, I can't seem to advise are probably unaware that although Gong Shangze is generally a docile man, once he started working, his entire attitude changes and it's frightening. He practically turns from a monkey into a gorilla. If I make so much of a sound, he would shout at me furiously. I don't even dare to make any sound when I walk across the room, much less remind him to have his meals and rest! Sis Xi, I think it's best if you talk to Director Gong yourself. He only listens to you..."

    From a monkey to a gorilla?

    Ning Xi was confused by the assistant's description but agreed to her. "Fine, I'll talk to him later."

    Then, she touched Gong Shangze's forehead. Indeed, it was burning. "He has a slight fever...Momo, go to the pharmacy downstairs to buy some medicine for his fever!"

    "Okay, I'll go now!" The assistant quickly ran down to get the medicine.

    Ning Xi and the assistant took care of him for a good part of the night before Gong Shangze finally woke up and tried to sit up.


    "Lie down, don't move!" Ning Xi pushed him back down and glared at him sternly. "What did I tell you right from the start? Your body is your most important asset. If you don't have your life anymore, what use would that be? Those who didn't know better would think that I'm a cruel boss who mistreats her employees!"

    This was karma. She finally understood how Lu Tingxiao felt. It really was difficult to be a boss...

    "No, you don't. I am willing to!" Gong Shangze quickly responded.

    "Even if you're willing, you still can't! I'm the boss and you have to listen to me! Or else, you should just get another job!" Ning Xi emphasized harshly.

    Gong Shangze immediately panicked. "Boss, I won't do it again! Please don't say that."

    Seeing the youth's haggard appearance, Ning Xi sighed, "Look at you. Can you still attend the competition tomorrow? Since we have already discussed the flow many times, I'll go over with Momo. You stay at home and rest well!"

    "Boss, I have to go! It's already the finale! I'm fine, I won't have to do much then. I only need to watch the models on stage to make sure they don't make any mistakes."