Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 582

    Chapter 582: Have Babies With Another Man

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    Little Treasure pursed his lips, thought about it, then wrote on the board: [Date?]

    Indeed if he did not know he had to ask.

    Is Aunty Xiao Xi on a date with someone else?

    Lu Tingxiao and Lu Jingli looked at the question on Little Treasure's writing board at the same time.

    Lu Jingli sighed and looked at Little Treasure with pity like he was about to tell the kid that he was going to be abandoned by his mother. "Baby, this is even scarier than a date. It's called a blind date, do you know what that means?"

    Little Treasure honestly shook his head.

    "A blind date is one of the rituals of Chinese traditional marriage. It can also be called to meet one at their door, interview, law of the play, or meet up. Most marriage introductions delve into family backgrounds and the two people will be connected by the matchmakers. After that, the older relatives from both parties would meet to suggest a matrimony..."

    Lu Jingli tried to explain while Little Treasure looked innocent and naive, like he barely understood. Thus, Lu Jingli could only drop the bomb, "This blind date means that your Aunty Xiao Xi is about to be taken away by another man! To go give birth to a baby with another man!"

    Little Treasure's was shaken by this earth-shattering news.

    Aunty Xiao Xi...will go with another give birth to another baby...another

    The poor little bun's head was filled with this sentence repeatedly and without any signs, he started to cry buckets of tears and could not stop.

    Lu Jingli just wanted to tease him but he accidentally went too far. Seeing Little Treasure bawl like that, he was instantly a panicked mess. "Haih, baby, don't cry!"

    Lu Tingxiao shot Lu Jingli a fierce look, then pulled Little Treasure to sit beside him, patiently clarifying, "Blind dates are just a way for men and women to meet one another, still far from marriage. Besides, she already rejected him earlier and she's just having a meal with him now."

    Unfortunately, the little bun had been hurt too deeply earlier and he could not take anymore information in. He cried a river and started to gasp in between tears.

    Lu Tingxiao and Lu Jingli were two adult men who had no clue on how to coax children at all, as they watched the little bun cry his heart out. They were completely rooted to the ground...

    Ning Xi was still completely oblivious about any tear-inducing incidents happening behind her back.

    Earlier, she had drank two flasks of liquor and even though it was not high in alcohol, she was slightly drunk. Also, Xi Shiqing was really too sweet that one would easily lower their guards and relax with his company. They drank as they ate some sashimi while having casual conversation on some safe topics.

    "Ah! You're in the business of jewelry right? Coincidentally I've been setting up a fashion studio recently and will definitely use accessories such as jewels. When the time comes, I'll be thick-faced and ask for your help!" Ning Xi suddenly took up the responsibility as a business owner and took the opportunity to indirectly promote her business.

    "Miss Ning Xi, dont be too shy. If you need anything you can contact me anytime."

    After chatting for a while, Xi Shiqing asked, "Miss Ning, I don't know if you still remember, but many years ago, we have actually met once."

    When Ning Xi heard this, she started to sober up. "Have we? How could that be when I've no memory of us meeting at all?"

    After all, Xi Shiqing was a pretty unique person and she was confident she would have remembered him.

    Xi Shiqing sipped on his sake and said, "Your attention was on someone else then, naturally, you wouldn't notice anyone else."