Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 58

    Chapter 58: Dreaming Of Riding An Armored Horse to Cross A Frozen River

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    Surrounded by lively noise, Ning Xi reclined on a chaise lounge and drank as if she was in a different world.

    The wine slipped past her red lips and down her long, elegant neck, sliding seductively into her collar...

    The scene was so beautiful that all the men on set stared dazedly.

    The cameraman deliberately zoomed in for a close-up.

    "The strong wind carries the rain over the rivers to the dark village,the downpour on the mountains around us is like waves raging hard" As Ning Xi recited the poem in a drunken haze, she stood up unsteadily.

    In the next second, she threw the cup away with a clatter, and then started to dance with messy steps. "The wood is burning and my felt is warm, my cute cat and I stay inside"

    That slender waist was like a willow branch, bending softly as far as it could go before springing back up fiercely. Light gauze danced as if on the wind; her seductive gaze flowed over you like silk.

    "Lying stiffly in bed in a desolate village, I dont feel sad for myself, I still want to go to war and do my duty for my country" She picked up a flagon from the table and drank it all in one go.

    While it might be called a dance, those captivating movements looked more like a war dance on the battlefield. She instantly transformed from an enchanting spirit into a general who led troops into war, and the difference was amazing.

    Princess Des true identity was the female general Meng Changge. For generations, the Meng family had fought for the nation, but in the end, the entire family had been executed,except for her. Because of that, she had infiltrated the palace, not just to kill her enemy, but to also overturn the world...

    Not far away, completely unaware of the danger, the Emperor had been pulled in by the beauty before him.He clutched a cup and stared, and did not move for a long time.

    Seeing the rekindled frenzy and obsession in the Emperors eyes, Princess Xian, the new girls and the other princesses were full of envy and hatred.

    "Lying down in the depths of the night and listening to the wind and the rain, I dream of riding an armored horse to cross a frozen riverI dream of riding an armored horse to cross a frozen riverI dream of riding an armored horse to cross a frozen river"

    Ning Xi recited the last sentence three times, once vaguely, once sorrowfully, and the last time resolutely.

    With that, she leaned alluringly into the emperors embrace, bewitching him; she was determined to continue on her road to vengeance

    Once the scene was over, the director almost forgot to yell "Cut!"

    "Cut! Fantastic!" Guo Qisheng was the first to clap his hands. "Ning Xi danced well and was very professional. The hardest was expressing what I wanted, everyonesexpressions were also very good. Old Feng, I dont need to mention you, and the rare one was Qingqing, your expression just now was perfectly on point!"

    Jia Qingqings face was as black as the bottom of a pot. That was her real envy and hatred, of course it would be on point.

    The Emperor was played by Feng Yibo, a veteran actor who always played emperors and had worked with countless beauties. He couldnt help but laugh as he said, "Director Guo, that wasnt an act, I really was stunned!"

    "Just as I said, Junior Sister is very capable!" Next to them, Ning Xueluo joined in the praise, but was actually about to grind her teeth down to nothing.

    When it was over, Ning Xueluo drew her assistant aside to question her.

    "Whats going on? Its the afternoon already, theres been no reaction at all!"

    The assistant looked frightened. "I put it in myself, in the blush, the eyeshadow, the highlight powder, I put a bit in all of them! Maybe its a late reaction?"

    Ning Xueluo stared at her. "Impossible, if she had touched any of it, red dots would have started appearing on her skin within half an hour!" She had used this method before to disgrace Ning Xi at her birthday dinner.

    "Then the only explanation is that she didnt use any of them at all" the assistant said feebly.

    "Youre useless! Why didnt you have a backupplan, and put something into her clothes?"

    "I didnt expect it. Dont be angry, Sister Xueluo, I wont fail next time!"

    Ning Xueluo suppressed her anger. This time had just been a miscalculation. There would still be plenty of chances anyway. It was possibe that she didnt have to do anything; earlier, Jia Qingqing had looked at Ning Xi with enough hatred to swallow her up.

    Ha, Ning Xi, did you think landing this role would be a good thing for you?

    Ill lift you up even higher so that youll fall harder!