Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 575

    Chapter 575: Unusual Aura

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    He looked awkwardly at her as he realized his mistake and he coughed lightly. "Ning Internationals framework and foundation was laid down the past five years and if an extra heir was suddenly thrown into the equation, the outcome would be devastating"

    Ning Xi gave the man in front of her a teasing look, casually taking a harmless swipe at him, "What if...I really wanted Ning International?"

    Su Yans face darkened when he heard her question, chastising her in a serious tone, "Stop messing around, Xiao Xi. This is too much! If you insist on doing such a thing, you'll get hurt in the end! They wont let you off easily if you affect the amount of benefits they get!"

    Ning Xi sneered, "Ah...their benefits...whose benefits?"

    He always acted as if he cared but changed his stand the minute his benefits were involved.

    Su Yan saw Ning Xis incensed eyes and he quickly explained himself, "Youve misunderstood me, Xiao Xi. Im not doing this for myself, Im not after the Ning familys wealth either. Its just that...I dont know what to do if youre in conflict with Xueluo!"

    Ning Xi stretched her back and glanced at him sideways. "Whats the matter? Do you have any other choice aside from Ning Xueluo when it comes to choosing between us?"

    Su Yan balled his fist tightly when he saw the girl smirk and the mocking disdain in her eyes...

    He calmed himself down after a while, sighed and tried to avoid the girls eyes.

    There would not have been any other choice if time were reversed. Even if he had another chance to choose what happened five years ago once again, he would still have chosen Ning Xueluo without any hesitation. Regardless of Ning Xueluos mistake, he loved her to the point of selfishness and he chose to protect her to the ends of the Earth.

    But now

    He himself was not sure what was wrong with him. Ever since Ning Xi had come back, his sight always lingered on her and his urges to be near her were getting stronger lately...

    He had always known what he wanted. Ning Xueluo was the woman of his dreams, his perfect ideal partner.

    However, for some reason, what he thought he had known all along was falling apart

    He should not have come looking for Ning Xi this late at night to avoid any misunderstanding, but he still came.

    All because he wanted to see her, even if she wanted to be sarcastic with him!

    Su Yan calmed his turmoiled heart and started talking in a gentle tone, "Xiao Xi, Im telling you this for you own good. I hope that you can think about it. Give me a call if you ever need help with anything."

    As he was still trying to convey his message discretely, he realized that he did not know what more to say at that point. "Ill not bother you now, its late already. Goodnight."

    From around the corner, Lu Jinglis eyes recorded everything that was happening and he spoke quietly, "Hmm, my sixth sense is picking up an unusual aura! It seems like...the way Su Yan is looking at Ning Xi is a little suspicious."

    Suddenly, Lu Tingxiao released the pressure he had been suppressing all night long with a loud whoosh of air.

    Lu Jingli was terrified as he wiped his sweat and mumbled to himself,"What situation am I in now? Bro, did you meddle with something weird lately? Youre really unlucky with so many romantic rivals around...and for some reason, Ive been feeling that something big is going to happen soon! Im scared"