Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 573

    Chapter 573: Please Continue To Ignore Me

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    Lu Jingli was shocked and he looked at Ning Xi through the rearview mirror nervously. "Xiao Xi Xi, youre even more unrestrained than I wouldnt really abandon your principles and go to the blind date, would you?"

    Ning Xis mouth twitched. "What unrestrained?! No matter how un...look, it was my grandfathers arrangement, alright? I realize that his health condition is getting worse and all his hair has turned white"

    Lu Jingli thought that they were done for, his brother was in deep trouble!

    "Xiao Xi Xi, there are a lot of ways to express your filiality. Dont rush, you won't really attend the blind date, would you?" Lu Jingli kept asking.

    He then glanced at his brother and thought there would be some form of reaction but his brother just sat there quietly and did not do anything.

    Lu Jingli was even more terrified of such a reaction

    Lu Tingxiao was too quiet, which was not a good sign. It was more like the dead silence after a vigorous struggle.

    He wanted to appear with her in public, to protect her personally and to kiss her in front of everyone. Even when she had dressed as a guy, he wanted to tell everyone that she was his and that no one was allowed to come near

    But now that he did not even have the right to be with her, he could not do anything.

    He was in a special position and currently, Ning Xi was at a critical point in her career. If she was found involved with him, all her efforts would be deemed useless as everyone would think that she was successful because she relied on her intimate relationship with him.

    He loved to see her fight passionately for her dream and he did not want to ruin it.

    As Ning Xi was thinking of a plan to settle this problem, her eyes met with Lu Tingxiaos.

    What kind of eyes were those?

    They looked cold and distant, as if nothing could penetrate into his world, but she could see right into his deepest nooks, his emotions burning her passionately with the temperature of magma lava

    The car was deafening with silence.

    Lu Jingli looked at his brother, then looked at Ning Xi and his handsome face darkened, "Hey, both of you...can you guys be considerate to others while you two stare into each others eyes lovingly?"

    A while later.

    Lu Jingli, "Okay, my bad, I don't exist at all...please continue to ignore me"

    At Regal Riveria Hotel.

    After sending Ning Xi and the little bun back to the apartment, Lu Jingli did not leave immediately. Instead he looked at Ning Xi with a pitiful face. "Sister-in-law, Im really hungry now and itd be great if I can have a taste of your steamboat dishes"

    Ning Xi held the little bun in her arms and squinted her eyes coldly. "What did you just call me?"

    "Bro Xi!" Lu Jingli changed instantly.

    Ning Xi looked satisfied , then asked, "Didn't you guys have dinner?"

    "We went straight to your place after work. I just had some snacks in the car! My brother did not eat anything at all!" Lu Jingli kept complaining. He had yet to find out how Ning Xi was going to handle the blind date and he would not be able to sleep if he did not know what was going to happen!

    Ning Xi looked helplessly at him. Thank goodness she had brought Little Treasure for a meal before she sent him over. Otherwise, he would have been starving together with them as well. She knew that men were all useless at taking care of kids

    Because the staring contest earlier was probably too intense, Ning Xi avoided Lu Tingxiaos gaze and threw her hands up in surrender. "Fine, come up to my place, I am a little hungry as well!"