Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 572

    Chapter 572: Full Of Your Doses Of Love

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    Ning Xi looked at the little bun who was now sound asleep, and then looked at the devil who was still working.

    The devil was looking through his documents with a calm expression, as if he was just here to accompany the little bun. She could understand that the little bun was impatient but it was difficult to imagine the devil flustered by a trivial matter like this

    Was Lu Jingli exaggerating?

    Lu Tingxiao noticed the girls gaze on him, so he looked up and asked, "Is everything alright?"

    Ning Xi quickly replied, "Its nothing, I just went back home for a visit!"

    Lu Tingxiao did not believe her casual reply but he did not push further.

    "Oh, right, Lu Tingxiao, I have something to ask you!" Ning Xi peeked up.


    Ning Xi frowned. "So, I bought a jade bead bracelet for my grandfathers birthday at your shop Jade Treasury for 120 thousand dollars and a 20% discount, but why was it that when I gave it to my grandfather today, someone said its worth over two million dollars and that it had been consecrated by a monk?"

    Lu Tingxiao only gave her a bisyllable reply after her long-winded question, "Was it?"

    Ning Xi squinted her eyes and pouted. He was obviously acting like he did not know anything!

    "Did you make your employees do that?" Ning Xi asked directly.

    Lu Tingxiao answered expressionlessly, "I was overseas then."

    Ning Xi blinked her eye. "Ohright, you were in Philadelphia then!"

    If he was overseas, how did he know what happened and how could he have sent people to help her?

    "Thats weird, then what happened? That old man seemed like an expert, he didn't look like he could have been mistaken! Hey, Lu Tingxiao, as a boss, arent you concerned that your worker sold me something at a wrong price?" Ning Xi mumbled.

    Lu Tingxiao nodded, "Mmm, Ill reward him later."

    Ning Xi was speechless.

    Lu Jingli blurted, "Im full already all of a sudden" Full of your doses of love.

    Ning Xi gave up arguing with Lu Tingxiao. She had something that troubled her more and gave her a splitting headache. "Speaking of which, this bracelet got me on an awkward blind date!"

    "What? What?!" Lu Jingli was shocked. If he had a tail behind him, it would have been wagging vigorously now, his gossip mode turned on. "Xiao Xi, what blind date?"

    "Blind date" Lu Tingxiaos calm expression was slowly turning into a brooding storm.

    Ning Xi held her chin in her hand and sighed, "It was that old man who recognized the origins of my bracelet. Because he has a bracelet given by his grandson which was consecrated too, he said that were very similar...then, he chatted to my grandfather and suddenly wanted to introduce me to his grandson. My grandfather probably thought it was a good idea after he saw the grandson's picture, so he agreed and even set up a time...he even reminded me about this before I left!"

    Lu Jingli was clearly entertained. "Wow! Then, Xiao Xi Xi, are you going?"

    What was happening? Sister-in-law had just gone out for a few hours and a new romantic rival appeared!

    How competitive!