Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 571

    Chapter 571: Exploitable Value

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    Ning Yaohua did not feel any less shocked than his wife. He also felt a tinge of regret and envy. He had been trying so hard to get in contact with the Lu Corporation, yet his useless daughter was friends with Lu Jingli?

    Damn it, what a mistake! How could he forget?

    Ning Xi was with Glory World Entertainment now, and rumor had it that that Ning Xi had been invited to join the company personally by Lu Jingli and that he really valued her.

    He had always thought that Ning Xi was just a small chess pawn and that the arrangement was nothing more than just a business strategy. Who would have guessed that they would be friends?

    "Xueluo, has Ning Xi always been this close to the Lu familys Second Master?" Ning Yaohua asked quietly.

    Ning Xueluo clenched her fist tightly and stared at the direction Ning Xi left, only reacting after she heard Ning Yaohuas question. "Im not so sure about this, Father, I guess youve heard about the Second Masters personality as well. Hes not as unapproachable as Lu Tingxiao and hes always friendly towards his colleagues. Ning Xi was recruited by him personally and she helped him win over Starlight Entertainment, so its understandable that they are on friendly terms with each other!"

    Ning Yaohua nodded. "I see! If we could get in contact with Lu Jingli, it would be a lot more useful than just a small assistant like Cheng Feng"

    Ning Xueluos face froze and she felt embarrassed. "Itd be great if we could but, Father, you know that Sister has a great misunderstanding of us now, maybe...I could go and beg her?"

    Zhuang Lingyu could not keep quiet any longer. "Why should you?! Lu Jingli has always been friendly with many people. How long will he remember her for? There are so many new artistes joining the company everyday, he will forget all about her soon! He was just here to pick her up on the way today!"

    Suddenly, an idea popped up in Ning Yaohuas mind. "Xueluo, do you think that maybe Lu Jingli is interested in Ning Xi?"

    Ning Xueluo knew what Ning Yaohua was thinking since she had thought about it too, but she instantly rejected the thought. "Father, it doesnt seem very possible, almost everyone in the industry knows that Lu Jingli would never mess with his own artistes."

    Ning Yaohua sighed. He knew that from their earlier exchange too, but he thought it would do no harm to ask about it.

    It would be an immensely helpful resource even if they could just have the tiniest of ties to the Lu family, and it was the second-in-command of the Lu Corporation, Lu Jingli, who they were talking about

    Maybe, this useless daughter still had some value in her that they could exploit...

    As the three of them returned to the banquet hall, many people went up to them and asked if someone from the Lu family had come. They lied and said it was a relative of theirs and not anyone from the Lu Corporation.

    In the car.

    Ning Xi put the sleepy little bun on her lap, feeling her heart ache to see the little buns sleepy face. She tried to pat him to sleep while talking. "Ive already said that Ill be late, why didnt you wait for me at home?"

    Lu Jingli stared at his brother and complained to Ning Xi, "Well, Id have really loved to, but the both of them couldnt wait at all. They were fidgeting here the whole time because you were five minutes late past your promised two hours!

    "His face was so terrifying when you didnt pick up his call just now! He couldnt wait anymore after you texted him that youll be late and Little Treasure also started torturing me! So in the end, I had to drive them all the way here and wait for you!

    "Finally, we arrived and then suddenly you were blocked, so I had to go down and get you into the car!"