Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 569

Chapter 569: Lu Familys Second Master Lu Jingli

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As Lu Tingxiao and the little bun were here, Ning Xi excused herself after finishing the birthday cake.

"Grandfather, its late, I need to go back!"

The elder had no more reason to keep her here, so he held her hand reluctantly and told her, "Remember to come back and visit often!"

"Of course!" Ning Xi nodded.

"You always give me empty promises, I wonder when will be the next time you actually come back! Well, its time for you to go now, its late already. Ill ask a driver to send you back!"

"Its okay, Grandfather, a friend is here to send me back."

"Okay, be careful on the way back!"

"Mmm, goodbye, Grandfather!"

After bidding farewell to Grandfather and Ning Tianxin, Ning Xi rushed out with a giddy sort of happiness.

Oh, to see the little bun! Precious little bun!

As she reached the entrance, she almost bumped into Ning Yaohua, Zhuang Lingyu, and Ning Xueluo.

Ning Xueluo went up to her as soon as she saw her. "Sister, are you leaving now?"

"Mmm." Ning Xi grunted impatiently, the little bun was just right in front of her and she was being blocked, irking her greatly.

"Sister, its difficult to get a taxi here this late. Why dont you wait for a little while? Ill have Bro Yan send you back after the banquet is finished!" Ning Xueluo suggested because she knew that someone would definitely be someone against this idea.

Zhuang Lingyu quickly pulled Ning Xueluo aside. "Xueluo, you silly child, why are you so naive?"

"Mother, its really late now, itd be dangerous for Sister to go back alone!"

Zhuang Lingyu signalled Ning Xueluo not to say another word, then she walked up to Ning Xi with an unkind expression and questioned her in a straightforward manner, "Ning Xi, what are you trying to do?"

Ning Xi calmly crossed her arms and answered slowly, "What do you think Im trying to do, Madam Ning?"

Zhuang Lingyu sneered at her disdainfully, "All you want is just money, isnt it? And here I was thinking how diligent you could be. Its not that you dont want to join the company, but youre so ambitious that you only want to join the main company!"

Ning Xi raised her eyebrows. "I want to join the main company?"

"Dont you dare tell me that you didnt think about it! Otherwise, why would you do all the things you did today to please your grandfather? Always using all these tricks! Now that you know how difficult it is to survive in the outside world, you want to come back? Its too late!"

Suddenly, the door of the Maybach opened slowly.

When Zhuang Lingyu noticed the door opening, she totally ignored Ning Xi and pushed her behind, then nudged Ning Xueluo to the front. "Seems like Assistant Cheng is coming down, Xueluo, go!"

Ning Yaohua was astounded to see the one disembarking from the car...was not Cheng was the Lu familys Second Master, Lu Jingli!

Unlike the elusive Lu Tingxiao, Lu Jingli led a high profile life. His face was so well known that no one could ever mistaken it.

The Lu family Second Master was here personally. What an honor!

His heart was racing just thinking about the reactions of the guests, his fathers shock and Ning Yaobangs jealousy when they all saw Lu Jingli