Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 568

    Chapter 568: Who Are They Here For?

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    Suddenly, Zhuang Lingyu thought of something and she quickly pulled Ning Yaohua aside. "Yaohua, come over here!"

    "What is it?"

    "Do you think these people from the Lu family..are here for Xueluo?" Zhuang Lingyu asked.


    "Yeah! Therere also a lot of guests whore here for Xueluo today, isn't it? Some of them even said they are Xueluos fans! Xueluos studio has been doing really well recently! So"

    Ning Yaohuas expression brightened up, "That makes sense, but I have never heard anything about it from Xueluo."

    "Lets just ask her, Ill get her here now!"

    "Okay, quickly!" Ning Yaohua urged.

    The group retreated back to the entrance.

    "Father, Mother, what has happened? Why did you call me here so urgently?"

    Ning Yaohua looked at her seriously. "Xueluo, be honest, are you affiliated with anyone from the Lu Corporation?"

    Ning Xueluo tilted her head, "Lu Corporation?"

    "Yes!" Ning Yaohua looked nervous.

    "Not really" Ning Xueluo answered without hesitation. She would be glad to know someone from there though. However, no matter how capable she was, it was really difficult to be get in touch with the Lu family!

    Ning Yaohua looked at the car carefully. "Xueluo, think again, a car from the Lu family is parked right outside our house now!"

    "What?" Ning Xueluo was shocked. She looked over at the car and tried to remember.

    "Can you remember anything? Were you in contact with anyone from the Lu Corporation recently?" Zhuang Lingyu asked.

    After a short while, Ning Xueluo quickly said, "Mother, I remember something. At a cocktail party a few days ago, I met Lu Tingxiaos personal assistant, Cheng Feng, and he asked me about History"

    Zhuang Lingyu was excited. "Ah! Why didnt you tell us about such an important news?"

    Ning Xueluo blushed. "He was just asking casually, why would I bring this up?"

    Ning Yaohua was really surprised. "Xueluo, youre still so innocent! His personal assistant already made contact with you, obviously, they are interested in your studio, they might even ask for a cooperation! No wonder they sent someone over for your grandfathers birthday! Lets go, well greet the honored guests together!"

    Ning Xueluo felt that it was quite likely and she was really excited but she tried to hide it. "Alright, Father!"

    Then, the three of them walked to the car once again.

    The window gap was too small to see anything inside but one could still see that there was a figure sitting in the car.

    Ning Xueluo took a deep breath before saying, "Is that you, Mr. Cheng? I didnt know that you were here, I apologize for the lack of hospitality from us. Thank you for making this trip"

    Ning Xueluo went on courteously.

    Yet, nothing happened. It was as if there wasn't anyone in the car.

    The three of them looked at each other in confusion. What was going on?

    Why was the person just parking right in front of their house? He or she couldn't have come all the way here just for a parking, could they?

    Was the scenery here that attractive?

    How odd!