Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 551

Chapter 551: Cute Little Child

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Five years might not be a long time for youngsters like her but for elders like Grandfather, it was like eternity. Grandfathers hair had turned all white and his straight spine had curved into a hunch. He took out his glasses from his front pocket trying to look at her face clearly

Ning Xis old memories all rushed back to her the moment she saw her grandfather.

It was winter, she was still young and was brought to a strange place. She saw her biological parents being intimate with Ning Xueluo as she hid in a corner and started missing her old home. She was almost on the verge of tears. Then, Grandfather found her, held her hands, took her to the kitchen and cooked her a bowl of noodles in soup, telling her not to cry as this was her home.

Zhuang Lingyu had always yelled at her, instilling fear and insecurity in her and she only became worse at the things she was told to do. Her grandfather would always spend time with her in the study room and he taught her many things patiently

After she left home, she never returned and Grandfather did not know what had happened. As his health was not at its peak, Ning Xi dared not tell him what had happened so as not to worsen his condition. There was a time when Grandfather went to America personally to bring her back but she had declined. Till the present day, she still remembered his disappointed expression

Currently, Ning Xi was not sure how to face him.

Ning Zhiyuan was clearly unhappy, probably still thinking about the time when she did not return home with him.

Ning Tianxin was the first to make a move to break the ice. She went over and held Ning Xis hands and took her to Grandfather.

"Xiao Xi, what are you standing there for? Say something!" Ning Tianxin urged her.

Ning Xi was not the shy little girl she was, as she got back to her senses, she quickly gave the elder a big hug, "Grandfather! Ive missed you!"

Ning Zhiyuan was surprised by his granddaughters passionate hug and he exclaimed, "I dont really see how you have missed me! If you really did, why didnt you come back after all these years?"

Although his tone was a little harsh, he obviously still had a soft spot for her.

Ning Xi laughed, "Grandfather, Im studying hard! Youre the one who told me that knowledge transforms life. Ive listened to your words and gave studying my all!"

"You" Ning Zhiyuan looked helplessly at her with his speckled grey eyes, almost not recognizing her anymore as he mumbled, "Youve changed...changed"

Not just her looks, her personality, her aura...just meeting her for a short while made him realize that his granddaughter's transformation came as a big surprise to him.

Ning Xi cocked her head to one side and asked, "How did I change? Am I prettier now?"

The elder smiled at her and replied, "Yes, yes, and much more positive now, its a good change! Looks like the overseas environment did you good!"

That was the only thing that comforted Ning Zhiyuan as he felt really sorry for this granddaughter of his.

After some small talk, Ning Zhiyuan moved on to the actual conversation. "Xiao Xi, I know that I told you to focus on your studies but Ive also taught you to do the right things at the right time, yes? And you too, Tianxin, listen to what Im going to say!

"You two are getting older now, practically ripe for marriage! You should find someone, get married quickly and bring me a cute little grandchild! I understand that youngsters nowadays are very busy, so if you don't have time to look after the kids, Ill look after them for you, don't worry about it!"