Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 55

    Chapter 55: Everybody Wants to Teach Him How to Chase Girls

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    He had once asked Qin Mufeng how it felt to really like someone; Qin Mufeng had told him that he would know when he met that person.

    Back then, he had thought it was such rubbish.

    After meeting Ning Xi, he realized it was all true.

    "Congrats! So many asexuals may their entire lives never meet the one for them!" Qin Mufeng congratulated his old friend wholeheartedly.

    Asides from heterosexuals and homosexuals, in this world, there are also asexuals.

    Asexuality is not an illness and does not mean an unclear sexual orientation or fear of intimacy; to put it simply, it was "a lack of interest in sex."

    Because of this affliction, his mother had even urged Lu Jingli five years ago to drug his own brother

    "This must be what they call a double blessing. So when do I get to drink your wedding wine?" Qin Mufeng teased.

    "Im working on it." Lu Tingxiao, who always seemed invincible, had rare uncertainty on his face.

    Qin Mufeng was shocked. "It actually still hasnt happened? I thought Big CEO Lu would have had it in the bag by now.Well, a girl able to catch your interest must be quite something. So is the reason you asked me to come over this time to teach you how to chase girls? While I cant compare with Second Master in practice, I'm pretty good with theory!"

    Why did everyone want to teach him how to chase girls?

    Lu Tingxiaos face darkened. "Dont bother with that, I wanted to confirm the effect of her appearance on Little Treasure, thats all."

    Qin Mufeng returned to the real issue after joking around. "Its like this, there are two sides to everything; it could be good for him, but you told me Little Treasure thrashed the house in order to see her, so most of it depends on your guidance.

    Whether it was out of selfishness or not, having her stay in the house for the time being was the right thing to do. I would suggest the next step to take is to ask that girl if she can take Little Treasure out more, perhaps even take him to school when the time is right, and slowly ease him into a normal life. She might be able to do what I couldnt even after 2 years"

    "I understand, Ill try."


    Studio backlot.

    All the whispering stopped as soon as Ning Xi walked onto the set; everybody was looking at her.

    Obviously, the gossip had spread.

    In one corner, someone spoke in a weird tone, "Who does she think she is, a rookie like her arriving late; doesnt she see how Teacher Ning was early to arrive?"

    Actually, Ning Xi wasn't late at all, it was Ning Xueluo who was early.

    "Teacher Ning, you and Ning Xi are in the same company, is the gossip online true?"

    "People say that she slept her way up through the production team to get this role!"

    "Shameless! Doesnt Starlight Entertainment care about this kind of unfair competition?"

    Faced with the crews barrage of questions, Ning Xueluo put on a helpless face and sighed. "Everyone has his or her own way, the company wont say anything"

    After saying that, she appeared to suddenly realize she had said something wrong, and quickly continued, "Im not saying Junior Sister really did those things, online gossip is not creditable!"

    The way she said it made it sound like she was trying to cover up something, which made the crew think it had to be real.

    It was only after Director Guo came over and urged everyone to hurry up and start work that the gossipy crowd finally left.

    The helpless look on Ning Xueluos face also disappeared, and she called her assistant to her side and asked in a low tone, "How did it go?"

    "Dont worry, Sister Xueluo, its all set! You told me shes allergic to metallic things, right? I put metallic power in the makeup artists kit without anyone noticing. When she puts it on, her whole face will be ruined"