Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 544

    Chapter 544: Personal Property, No Trespassing. Do Not Even Look

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    The party was still going on outside but apparently, everyone was not in the mood to have fun anymore.

    Lu Jingli saw a few ladies leave quietly. All of them were originally here to get closer to Lu Tingxiao but they all gave up now.

    "Bro, what a great idea! Not only did you expel the potential opponents, you even settled the women who were chasing after you! What a clever move!" Lu Jingli gushed to his brother, impressed.

    At this moment, Lu Jingli did not realize that while it was true his brother had no more trouble, things were going south very soon

    An onlooking crowd welcomed Ning Xi with curious gazes after she came out of the bathroom. Apart from them, the little bun rushed towards her quickly.

    His face clearly expressed a message: Little Treasure was angry!


    And kisses!

    To heal his broken heart and soul!

    Aunty Xiao Xi had actually kissed father and moreover, it was twice! Twice!

    Ning Xi instantly knew what the small kid was thinking, so she generously gave him two big kisses and held him tightly in her arms, then she walked towards Lu Tingxiao.

    A waiter came over with two glasses of warm milk the moment Ning Xi sat down.

    Lu Tingxiao handed a glass of milk to his son and the other glass to Ning Xi, then he lay on the sofa in a relaxed posture and put his hand on the back of the sofa where Ning Xi sat, exhibiting his dominance.

    He was sending a message to the floor: Personal property, no trespassing. Don't even look.

    His silent message was super effective; everyone backed off and chatted among their own groups while enjoying some drinks, not daring to stare at Ning Xi anymore.

    The devils kiss solved most of the problems that had cropped up earlier and Ning Xi was a lot more relaxed now.

    But she was still worried. "Eh, Lu Tingxiao, is it really have them misunderstand you?"

    Lu Tingxiao nodded, "Mmm, dont worry, the rumor will dissolve itself the day you become my wife."

    Ning Xi was speechless. If that day did not come, he would be misunderstood as being gay his whole life!

    Lu Jingli could not stand it anymore, "Guys, can you please be more considerate? I'm getting goosebumps!"

    The little bun was falling asleep since his usual bedtime was around nine or 10 oclock and the milk helped to induce his sleepiness.

    Lu Tingxiao saw his son rub his eyes, so he brought the boy closer to him and tried to help him sleep more comfortably.

    But the little boy did not compromise, quickly backing off and sticking to Ning Xi. He even grabbed onto Ning Xis neck tightly as if telling his father, "I know what youre thinking, dont you dare separate me from Aunty Xiao Xi!"

    The little boy had been on alert this whole time after his father had kissed Ning Xi. It seemed like the son-father alliance was disintegrating.

    Lu Jingli gloated at his brother and almost laughed out loud.

    No matter how perfect a plan was, there would always be a flaw. His brother could settle so many people, yet he forgot about his own son.

    Ning Xi was worried about Little Treasure, so she picked him up and wanted to leave. "Second Master, please continue having fun without us. Little Treasure is getting tired, Ill take him back to rest! Hes still growing right now, we shouldnt let him stay up too late!"

    Lu Jingli was annoyed seeing Ning Xis kind and motherly side. He could not believe that she was the same person who had caused all the trouble earlier