Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 543

    Chapter 543: Do You Really Have That Kind Of Relationship With Him?

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    Standing in front of the washroom entrance, Ning Xi almost walked into the ladies toilet. She abruptly realized her mistake and rushed to the opposite door.

    She calmed herself down after splashing some water onto her face but when she came out of the washroom, there was someone waiting for her in the corridor...Zhuang Keer.

    When she was having fun with Big Qiao and Small Qiaos group, they gossiped a lot and Ning Xi had heard about Zhuang Keer and her relationship with Lu Tingxiao.

    She did not really know how to face Zhuang Keer now, so she decided not to do anything first.

    As expected, when Zhuang Keer saw that she was silent, she spoke up, "I know it might be inappropriate for me to ask it true...that you and Lu Tingxiao...are really in a relationship?"

    Ning Xi frowned. It seemed like she was here to confront the person who had stolen her crush.

    While the Zhuang family of Imperial might not measure up to the Lu family in business, their background was not to be underestimated...even with the prestige of the Lu family, the Zhuangs were not people that they could mess with. In fact, they had various angles in which they were important.

    In Lu Chongshan's eyes, the best candidate to be his daughter-in-law was Zhuang Keer because he wanted to use the Zhuang family as an insurance to help solidify the Lu familys power.

    And the Zhuang family had a special relationship with Ning Xi

    The head of the Zhuang family, Zhuang Zongren, had one son and three daughters, and Ning Xis mother, Zhuang Lingyu was his youngest daughter. When she was young, she insisted on marrying Ning Yaohua and was disowned by Zhuang Zongren. The estranged pair of father and daughter had not been in contact at all for the past 20 years. Aside from some of the elders who were involved, most people thought that Zhuang Zongren only had two daughters; not even the youngsters in the Zhuang family knew about this.

    Ning Xi overheard about this fiasco during a conversation between Zhuang Lingyu and Ning Yaohua

    Ning Yaohua was involved in some sort of trouble and she hoped that Zhuang Lingyu could go home to ask for help but the latter refused and said something like she would never ever go back

    Zhuang Keer was Zhuang Zongrens granddaughter, so biologically speaking, they were cousins.

    This was really complicated

    However, come to think of it, Ning Xi did not really mind. Since she did not acknowledge Zhuang Lingyu as her mother now, she would not care about some faraway grandfather or cousin.

    "What if it's true? And what if its not?" Ning Xi replied Zhuang Keer with a question instead.

    "If its not" Zhuang Keers voice shook. She really hoped that it was not true...but it was impossible...after all that they had done, she was just lying to herself

    At last, Zhuang Keer took a deep breath and returned to her calm expression. "If its true, then Ill give up."

    "Huh?" Ning Xi was surprised by her reply. It was unexpected, considering her prideful personality.

    Zhuang Keer held her fist tight and looked at her with fiery eyes. "I was pretty confident about getting to Lu Tingxiao at first, but since its come to you...I...Ill not fight with you for him"

    Zhuang Keer quickly excused herself before she could have an emotional breakdown.

    Ning Xi looked at the stubbornly arrogant Zhuang Keers silhouette leaving speechlessly

    Something was not right...did she get the wrong message?

    Why did it feel like Zhuang Keer loved her instead of Lu Tingxiao?