Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 542

    Chapter 542: Stealing Man From Bro Xiao

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    Her chin was held firmly by his callused fingers, her lips starting to feel numb, Ning Xi was terrified.

    She would not have flirted had she known that this would happen. The frightening devil did not care about her feelings at all!

    She did not expect the devil would actually be jealous of a girl, and such intensely jealous too!

    Lu Tingxiao took his own sweet time and tasted her lips as if he was carefully enjoying the nectar of the gods, but of course, he stopped right before Ning Xi was about to explode.

    Ning Xis heart was racing quickly as she clenched her teeth together and raised her arms...she wanted to rip her wig off her head

    Things had finally unraveled to that point and she could not let people misunderstood that he was gay, could she?

    Lu Tingxiao knew exactly what she wanted to do, so he grabbed her hands and stopped her.

    His eyes were focused on the person in front of him as if only she existed in this world. He told her quietly, "You dont have to. Isnt it better this way? No other woman will come near me the next time."

    Ning Xi was astounded, her heartbeat almost at a roar now

    Damn it! The devil was being too much! That ultimate move of his! She almost wanted to kiss him back!

    "I...Ill go to the washroom!" In the end, Ning Xi broke off the kiss, freeing herself of Lu Tingxiaos hands and went to the toilet hastily.

    Lu Tingxiaos eyes shone, watching the girls back as she fled the scene. He then looked at everyone present, his gentle gaze quickly freezing into an ice-cold stare

    Small Qiao was holding on to Big Qiao in extreme terror. "Ah! Sis! What have I done?! What have I done?! Bro Xiao is going to kill me! I just tried to steal his man!"

    Big Qiao was in deep shock as well but she tried to comfort her, "Keep calm, nothing bad will happen to you. You didnt know anything, plus they didn't say anything, we're innocent!"

    "No wonder hes so close to Bro Xiao and Bro Jingli. Even Little Treasure! Im so stupid, why didnt I think of their relationship earlier?!"

    The twins hid in the corner and tried to be invisible to the people around them. The fujoshis [1] among the crowd were practically having a nosebleed and everyone was raving about what had just happened

    "It has been a rumor for so many years that CEO Lu liked guys. It's just that no one went public with it, so it isnt really a surprise, is it?"

    "Right...but to see it with my own eyes" The impact was too difficult to put into words!

    Many others nodded in agreement, the impact was powerful!

    Some people shrugged it off, "Our society is way ahead now. This is completely normal. Im not discriminating against the two of them. Plus, they actually looked really good together! That Tang guy looked even prettier than some of the ladies here tonight and they dont look weird together!"

    Many of them agreed, "That kid is so arrogant that no woman could possibly hold him down! He definitely needs someone like Bro Xiao to tame him!"

    "Heh, that might not be the case. Bro Xiao was here just now and he was already flirting with everyone! First, it was the top socialite of Beijing, and then there were the twin sisters! In the end, Bro Xiao had to step in and publicize their relationship! Bro Xiao was totally under control!"

    "Tsk, no wonder Bro Xiao likes him so much!"