Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 52

    Chapter 52: Healing Kisses

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    "How do you think I got it?" Ning Xi crossed her arms over her chest and leaned back in the chair as she asked casually.

    It seemed that Su Yan was worn out of patience, and he slapped his hand down on the table. "Ning Xi! You know better than me what a girl like you will encounter in the entertainment industry! Why do you have to be so stubborn about wading into these waters?"

    "Heh, a girl like me" Ning Xi smiled slightly. "What kind of identity is Young Master Su wearing to say such a thing to me?"

    If she had been who she was back then, hearing this, she probably would have become hysterical.

    Back then, Su Yan had told her repeatedly that he didnt want his future wife to enter the entertainment industry, yet when it came to Ning Xueluo, he fully supported her. Even now, he still dared to criticize Ning Xi for the way she lived her life.

    "Xiao Xi, even if we broke up, Ive always treated you as my little sister, and I just want to help you. Cant you be less stubborn? Take this money, cancel your contract with Starlight, and leave the entertainment industry!" Su Yan advised her earnestly.

    "Heh, help me?" Ning Xi's lazy eyes suddenly became very cold. "Now that I think about it, I actually do need Young Master Su to help me with something! I hope that Young Master Su can help me tell the Ning family the truth, and testify in court that Ning Xueluo bribed two men to rape me. Will you help me with this?"

    "Xiao Xi, I" Su Yan paled. "If I do that, itll be over for Xueluo at the most, her actions back then can only be considered an attempted crime. You were the one who entered the wrong room, and slept with someone else"

    Though it was the answer Ning Xi had expected, her heart still throbbed painfully. She sneered. "So what youre saying is, back then, the two of you did nothing wrong? It was my fault she got me drunk, my fault I was drugged, my fault I was raped, my fault that I got pregnant with someones bastard and gave birth to a dead baby!"

    Su Yan frowned. "Xiao Xi, I didn't mean it like that! Xueluo and I have already apologized to you for this matter, and have been trying to make it up to you for so many years. Why can't you just let it go?"

    Ning Xi picked up her bag and stood up. "Heh, you ask me to let it go? When your Xueluo is raped by someone and has his bastard, you can shake hands with him and happily become a cuckold, then you can ask me again!"

    Su Yans face instantly changed. "Ning Xi! How can you say such a thing!"

    "Huh, Im just talking about it, and your heart already hurts this much. You wont know how much it hurts unless it happens to you, right? Expect me to forgive the two of you? Im not that saintly!" Ning Xi stalked away after saying her piece.

    What bad luck!

    She shouldnt have bothered with Su Yan, it had made her so sick that she didnt feel like having dinner tonight.

    She should hurriedly go back and cuddle Little Bun to heal herself.

    As soon as Ning Xi reached the door of the Lu residence, she saw a soft, white little bun running towards her.

    It appeared that he had been at the window waiting for her.

    Ning Xi really was instantly healed, and she gave Little Bun a super big kiss as usual.

    "Darling, have you eaten yet? I sent a message saying that you didn't have to wait for me, and you should be good and eat first. Did you do it?"

    Little Bun nodded.

    "Good boy!" Ning Xi kissed Little Bun again as a reward.

    "You go play first, Auntie is going upstairs to change clothes and take a bath!"

    Little Bun nodded.

    The two people walked inside hand-in-hand.

    Standing by a window on the second floor, Lu Tingxiao looked at the scene below him, and felt rather melancholy. He had never known he was such a jealous person.

    He was even starting to envy his son.

    As soon as Ning Xi came back, she had kissed his son, not just once, but twice.

    While he could only look at her from a distance.

    The first thing that Ning Xi did when she returned to her bedroom was to take. Off. Her. Bra!

    It simply was torture to wear this thing on a hot summer day, alright?

    She reached behind her to unclasp the back, then started to pull the bra out. When she had pulled it out halfway, the door behind her creaked open.

    "Ning" Lu Tingxiao barely said one word before he froze, his hand still on the door where he had pushed it open, and a startled look on his face at the situation inside the room.