Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 511

    Chapter 511: Could You Stay Over Tonight?

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    Lu Tingxiaos words dissolved Ning Xis worries.

    Oh! The devil! He was way too sweet! Too gentle! How she wished she could offer herself to him!

    Little Treasure thought his father was really going to give him to Aunty Xiao Xi, then he heard that he was only going to stay here for a period of time, so he was a little unhappy as he felt cheated.

    What about giving me away? Liar of a father!

    Lu Tingxiao raised his brows and gave his son a signal to mean that he gave him the choice whether he wanted to stay by Aunty Xiao Xis side forever.

    The little bun chewed on his lower lip and with a motivated expression, he told himself that he could do it! It was useless depending on Father, he would take his fate into his own hands!

    Looking at his son getting all fired up, Lu Tingxiao nodded, not feeling guilty at all for using his own son this way!

    Excellent, the trump card had been delivered to the wife.

    Ning Xi would never have known that she had fallen into the devils trap, her mind was filled with happiness at the thought of being able to stay with the little bun.

    "Its late now, Ill take my leave. Please rest early," Lu Tingxiao looked at his watch unwillingly as he still had to leave.

    Ning Xis expression changed.

    Lu Tingxiao bent over and told his son, "Little Treasure, Ill be leaving now, be good to Aunty Xiao Xi!"

    Seeing that Lu Tingxiao was going to leave after talking to the little bun, Ning Xi quickly stopped him, "Wait!"

    "Anything else?" Lu Tingxiao halted.

    "Uh...yes! Well" Ning Xi scratched her head, and spoke, embarrassed, "Lu Tingxiao, could you...could you stay over tonight?"

    Lu Tingxiao was astonished, his eyes were fired up and he looked at the girl passionately.

    If Little Treasure had not been there, Ning Xis words would have sounded like an ambiguous invitation

    Even though he knew that she did not mean it that way, it sure was enough to fire him up

    Ning Xi realized it was inappropriate for her to say this, so she quickly explained, "Little bun has just only recovered and although the doctor said everything is fine, we cannot eliminate the possibility that he might go into a relapse. Im worried if something happened"

    When it came to the little buns health, she dared not to be careless. Plus, it was her first time taking care of a child alone, so she panicked a little.

    Lu Tingxiao understood her worries and when he saw the girls dependence on him, the passion in his eyes turned into a gentle warmth, "Okay."

    Ning Xi was relieved, her uneasiness was now gone. "Ill make the bed for you! No one has stayed in the guest room before and everything is new, so you can stay in immediately! You'll just need clothes to change into"

    "Ill have someone to send over."

    "Oh, okay then!"

    Father was staying back, ruining his dream of being alone with Aunty Xiao Xi, thought the little bun to himself, feeling heartbroken.

    Lu Tingxiao rubbed his sons head with a light smile, "Dont forget that were an alliance, apart from cooperating together, were sharing the profit too."

    No monopoly here!

    Little Bun seemed angry but he could not fight back, he then ran into the living room to look for some comfort from Aunty Xiao Xi.

    Father was bullying me again!