Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 507

    Chapter 507: A Child With A Mother Is A Gem

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    The little bun clung onto Ning Xi and wriggled a little in her embrace. He dared not blink as he stared at her, afraid that once he blinked, she would disappear.

    Ning Xi watched him and felt her heart ache, then kissed the little bun on both his cheeks, "Aunty Xiao Xi is real, you're not dreaming! Daddy brought Aunty Xiao Xi here to see you because you were sick."

    The little bun who was cheered up by the kisses blushed, all the insecurities in his heart vanishing instantly. He pursed his lips shyly and returned Ning Xi a kiss.

    Ning Xi held her face with her hands, she felt so happy and blessed. She thought that only winning an Oscar would feel like this.

    As she looked at the little bun's moving eyes that seemed as if they could speak, Ning Xi wanted to play with him for a little while more. However, she knew that at that very moment, many people were still waiting anxiously outside, so she said, "Baby, you're hungry, aren't you? Let Aunty bring you out for some food, okay?"

    The little bun nodded obediently.

    "Hold on, let Aunty put on your clothes for you!" Ning Xi carried the little bun and walked to the wardrobe, then started picking out his clothes for him.

    "Which one do you want to wear?"

    The little bun looked at the wardrobe and pointed his stubby little fingers at the set of cartoon sweaters Ning Xi had bought for him.

    "Mmm, I was thinking the same thing."

    After she helped the little bun put on his clothes, Ning Xi carried him out.

    As soon as they walked out, everyone's attention turned to them right away.

    The little boy who lay on the bed with no spirit last night had now changed into a brightly colored outfit. His eyes were much more active now too and he was practically a different person.

    The servants all had the same thought, "Indeed, a child with a mother is a gem..."

    Seeing their dearest grandson awake and looking handsome and lovable, Yan Ruyi's eyes welled up with tears, "Little...Little Treasure is awake! Quick, come over for dinner! You haven't eaten in so long, you must be hungry!"

    Lu Chongshan greeted him too, "Don't just stand there, come sit down for dinner!"

    At the dinner table, Lu Chongshan sat at the main seat with Lu Tingxiao on his left. Initially, he wanted to let Little Treasure sit on his right, but the little guy's head turned away from him and he quickly hugged Ning Xi's neck, refusing to let go.

    At last, Lu Tingxiao pulled out the chair beside him for Ning Xi to sit, while Yan Ruyi and Qin Mufeng sat opposite them.

    Of course, everyone was anxious to see whether Little Treasure was really willing to speak now.

    At last, Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi could not suppress it anymore.

    "Little Treasure, do you still feel sick?" Yan Ruyi asked lovingly.

    Little Treasure was focused on being fed porridge by Ning Xi and he did not answer.

    Yan Ruyi naturally did not take that to heart, so she continued to ask caringly, "Little Treasure, is the porridge nice? You're sick, so you can't eat food that's too oily. Later, Grandma will make you more delicious food, okay?"

    "You're not too well, Grandpa has applied for leave from school for you, so you don't have to go to school for the next few days!"


    Yan Ruyi and Lu Chongshan continued to talk to Little Treasure. However, his reaction towards their questions seemed to be a little slow. He only gave very indifferent responses and did not even hear some.

    It seemed like he had returned to his old ways that very night...

    This made Yan Ruyi anxious. The little bun had finally said one word and before they could even confirm if he was really willing to speak, how could he return to his original ways again?