Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 466

    Chapter 466: A Beyond Splendid Collaboration

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    "No, no, no, she deserves my praise..."

    Even though the Meng Changge was a protagonist in the movie, she had a sort of elegance that stood out from the other characters, which was why he had picked a rookie like Ning Xi among the crowd of A-list stars.

    Cook did not expect her performance today to be so outstanding. It was indeed an unexpected surprise.

    Cook looked remorseful and apologized, "Miss Ning, I'm very sorry. Because of my ignorance and shallowness, I almost missed out on your exquisite're right, true nobility is part and parcel of charismatic qualities and not exclusively an extrinsic matter!"

    Cook brought Ning Xi to have a look at the fragrances that were displayed on the exhibit shelves, explaining, "For two decades, the Noble brand has been passed on from generation to generation and it insists on retaining the fine techniques of aroma distillation. The ingredients that are chosen to make each scent come from the best of the best regions, hence enhancing the unspoken agreement that our fragrances are for the deserving aristocrats!

    "I'm very honored to be shooting an advertisement for a brand like this. To completely embody Noble's charm, I have a very strict demands for the spokesperson. Thank God that we have crossed paths, you and I. I am confident that this will be a splendid collaboration..."

    As he watched Cook chat non-stop with Ning Xi, the assistant had to walk over from the side and remind him softly, "Director, there are still many people waiting outside! Should I inform the next candidate?"

    Cook suddenly stopped and quickly said, "No need, Miss Ning is the spokesperson I want. You can tell everyone else to leave."

    Outside the audition hall.

    The artistes watched anxiously as the door finally opened and Cook's assistant walked out.

    "Honorable ladies, Noble's spokesperson has been chosen, so today's audition ends here. Thank you, everyone, for coming all the way here. After this, the Noble group will arrange a grand three-day vacation for everyone. We hope everyone will enjoy the happy memories!"

    Everyone was stunned, especially those who had not even gone in to audition.

    "What? Already chosen?"

    "But we haven't even auditioned!"

    Even though it was hard to accept the fact, most of them had seen it coming.

    Many high-flying artistes were even relieved that they did not have to embarrass themselves in the auditions. They courteously walked over to Li Yueling and greeted, "Yueling, congratulations to you!"

    "If it was Yueling who got this endorsement, I'd be convinced!"

    Li Yueling stood up elegantly and bashfully accepted the congratulatory wishes from the crowd. She then walked over to the assistant to say, "Thank you for Director Cook's recognition. I won't disappoint him!"

    Even though the assistant's Chinese was not as fluent as Cook's, he could sense that something was wrong. He corrected, "No, no, no, beautiful ladies, I think you've gotten it wrong!"

    "Wrong? What's wrong?" Everyone was confused.

    "The Noble spokesperson whom Director Cook has chosen is not Miss Li Yueling, but Miss Ning Xi," the assistant slowed down his speech and used whatever Chinese he could to answer them clearly.

    "What? Ning Xi?! The one who dressed like a beggar?"

    "Are you kidding?"

    When Li Yueling heard this, her face fell flat and she probed, "Mister Assistant, has there been a misunderstanding? Are you sure Mr. Cook said it was Ning Xi?"

    She had already reported the good news to Ning Xueluo, but now they were telling her that the spokesperson role had not gone to her. Not even anyone else, but that village girl Ning Xi who she had been ridiculing?

    The assistant confidently nodded, "I'm not wrong, it was indeed number 15, Miss Ning Xi, who just entered earlier."