Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 464

    Chapter 464: Perfectly Fitting The Theme

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    'Guang Ling San' is one of the top ten Guqin tunes in all of Chinese music history. Its rhythm is emotional, generous, and the only song in the preserved Guqin's tunes to invoke the atmosphere of war zones, to express the vehemence of seeking revenge for a father. It was a tune full of thought and artistic personality.

    As he listened to the Guang Ling San tune played by the girl's hands, Cook became more and more enchanted.

    This was his favorite song among all of the Guqin tunes because it was more than just extravagant sounds, it also expressed a spirit to rebel and determination to fight.

    What was even more shocking to him was that he never thought that as a girl, not only was she skilled, but she could also accurately perform the momentum of Guang Ling San...

    Cook was completely immersed in the sound of the instrument as he stared at the girl in front of him. Her outfit was not colorful and her face was bare, she even looked like a lowly beggar. However, when she sat in front of that Guqin, when she started to play the song...

    Despite dressing like a beggar, no one would think that she really was one. She must have had a story...

    When the song had finished, Cook took a long while to return to his senses.

    Finally, he tried to suppress his emotions as he said, "Miss, your playing of Guang Ling San has exceeded my expectations!"

    "Thank you," Ning Xi nodded slightly in gratitude, revealing nothing on her face.

    No matter whether the girl in front of him was being scolded or being complimented, she remained unbothered. He actually felt a sense of nobility from her...

    Yes! It was nobility!

    In fact, it was the kind that only a real aristocrat would have!

    Even if one was shabby, the noble charisma within one's bones would not change forever!

    This was too magical! Everyone else earlier could not invoke this feeling in him. Even Li Yueling's performance lacked full marks as he felt it was too deliberate and artificial.

    How did the girl who dressed like a beggar in front of him give him a sense of elegance?

    Cook evaluated again the girl and the emotions in his heart could not be explained. When he finally calmed himself down, he continued the audition, "May I ask what do you understand about the meaning of the term 'noble'?"

    Earlier all the other artistes had similar answers - they thought that being noble meant having a good education, to be cultured externally and internally. Naturally, he approved of such an answer.

    At this moment, he anticipated the girl's reply in suspense.

    When she heard Cook's question, Ning Xi knew that Cook had already approved her earlier performance. Now, she had only one last step left.

    After choosing her words carefully, she started to explain, "I believe that true elegance and nobility is not just to don the name of luxurious brands, not to show off the expensive accessories on hand, not to boast about your own beauty and educational qualifications. True nobility is, even if dressed in ragged clothes and messy hair, not being able to conceal the noble charisma within."

    When he heard this, Cook's eyes lit up and his face brightened.

    Ning Xi continued, "Smell a fragrance to know a woman. A perfume is a luxury item that can reveal a person's taste better than any other items. I think, for women, perfume is more important than apparel, just like charisma is more important than external factors.

    "Perfume is one of the classic trendy essentials, it's different from other trendy elements such as clothing, makeup, and hairdo. Perfume is the most classic and long lasting thing a woman can have. A good fragrance will never be outdated."

    Cook could not control his surprise and joy at having found his perfect girl. He nodded in resonation, "That's right! You said it very well!"

    This girl's interpretation had perfectly fit their theme!