Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 462

    Chapter 462: Ning Xi's Audition

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    When Li Yueling had finished her performance, Cook had a struggled expression on his face for the first time. The previous candidates had been rejected by him on the spot immediately and were made to leave.

    Cook discussed with his assistant on the side for quite a while. Finally, the assistant walked to Li Yueling and informed with a friendly attitude, "Miss Li Yueling, our audition will continue. Could you please wait outside for a short while?"

    These words meant that they were already very satisfied with her performance but they still wanted to see if there was anyone better...

    Li Yueling nodded slightly, "Of course."

    Pfft, how could there be anyone better than her? This endorsement was definitely hers!

    Under the watchful eyes of everyone else who remained, Li Yueling finally came out of the hall.

    She had actually gone in for a whole 10 minutes, and the sound of Guzheng playing inside did not receive Cook's negative shouting.

    Li Yueling face revealed a determined expression, and unlike the other eliminated candidates who had already left, she found a place to sit down and continued to wait.

    From her attitude, it was already very obvious that Li Yueling had been chosen to be one of the finalists. She might even be the chosen candidate in Cook's heart and if everyone else after her could not fare better, they would all just be a poor comparison to her.

    Immediately, all the other artistes felt shaken, especially those with slightly higher statuses who obviously did not want to embarrass themselves, yet they did not want to give up on such a high-end endorsement either.

    "The next candidate, number 15, please be ready!" the assistant informed outside the door.

    At that moment, Ning Xi remained immersed in her own world. Ling Zhizhi did not disturb her and only quietly accompanied her by her side.

    Li Yueling was even more delighted when she watched Ning Xi curl up in a corner, looking shabby, "Sis Ling, I don't want to say anything but out of everyone you could choose, why did you have to choose this money-losing rookie from Glory World?! At this point, you wouldn't still insist on letting her go in to audition, would you? You won't just be embarrassing yourself, but the entire Glory World too!"

    As they heard Li Yueling's words, everyone's gaze suddenly fell onto Ning Xi.

    Exactly, there was still this one to take the bottom spot. With her in front of them, they would not look too horrendous to compare to Li Yueling, would they?

    Apart from the artistes who were waiting to watch a scandalous drama, there were also others who only observed the scene in front of them. They thought to themselves that maybe Ning Xi intentionally dressed like this, but in reality had a unique trick she did not want them to know. Perhaps she would even change her outfit later...

    "Sis Zhizhi, I'm ready." In the corner, Ning Xi opened her eyes.

    Ling Zhizhi nodded, "Good luck."

    "Number 15, start your audition!" the assistant started to call out.

    Ning Xi stood up and adjusted her skirt and collar under everyone's watchful gaze and walked into the audition hall with a poker face.

    As soon as Ning Xi walked in, there was a frenzy outside the audition hall...

    "My God, she really dared walked in looking like that?"

    "I thought she would have some kind of trick in the end. Who knew that she would really walk in looking like a beggar?!"

    "Cook is so scary. Isn't she afraid of being scolded to death?"

    "Tsk tsk, those who don't know are unafraid..."


    Indeed, as the female artistes thought that, Cook's thunderous scoldings could be heard from the inside, "Oh my God!'re insulting me! Insulting Noble! Please leave immediately!"