Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 46

    Chapter 46: You Are My Angel

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    "Ning Xi, Producer Wang, Writer Ye and I are very pleased with you, but reality is cruel. We cant make films on feelings alone, the most important thing is funds. Sometimes we have no say when it comes to casting. Who does? The one who puts in the most money!"

    As Ning Xi listened, her heart sank like a stone falling to the bottom of the ocean. Had she been replaced after all? Then why had Chang Li told her to go to the filming?

    "Chairman Ning did look for me last night. He felt you were too new, and was not in favor of using you. However" Guo Qisheng paused.

    Ning Xi wanted to pull the director out of the phone and shake him. Can't you just say it all at once?

    "But you were lucky, Ning Xi. Another investor was very impressed with you, so make sure you do your best!"

    "Really?" Ning Xis fallen heart was suddenly lifted. Don't be too excited! She felt that she had been played by the director. "Director Guo, you did that on purpose! You almost gave me a heart attack!"

    "Hahaha, how can youngsters be so weak-spirited?"

    "Can you please tell me clearly, have I been replaced or not?"

    "You havent, you havent. That investor put in fifty million, which is the sum of the Ning family and Starlight Entertainments investments combined, so he has the final say!"

    "Arent the investors of the movie just the Ning family and Starlight Entertainment? Where did a third one come from?" Ning Xi felt it was a little strange.

    "The investment came in at the last minute, youll find out later." Guo Qisheng was in high spirits.

    An investment of fifty million yuan out of nowhere, added to the existing funds, amounted to a total of one hundred million. What was more, Ning Xi, whose casting he was the most satisfied with, wouldnt be carelessly replaced on the whims of an ignorant investor. How could he not be happy?

    "Okay! Thank you, director!"

    The moment Ning Xi hung up, the door was opened by a little, sleepy-eyed bun.

    She was so happy she screamed, then rushed to hug him and kiss him fervently. "Darling! You are indeed my lucky star! You save the day for me every time!"

    Outside, the Big Demon King was gloomy as he watched Ning Xi kiss his son warmly.

    When it was actually because of his efforts

    Well, forget it. As long as he could see her bright smile, nothing else mattered.

    Lu Tingxiao strolled over to them. "Why so happy?"

    Ning Xi cuddled the little bun, who was giddy from her sudden affection. "The director just told me I havent been replaced, and that the dramas largest investor is very impressed with me!"

    "Really? Congratulations!" Lu Tingxiao told her in a deliberately serious manner.

    Ning Xi stroked her chin thoughtfully. "But the director didnt tell me who the investor is. It has to be someone with exceptional taste, and an extraordinarily good eye, and also extraordinarily handsome!"

    Lu Tingxiao smiled. "Do you really think so?"

    "Of course!" Ning Xi defended, but then something occurred to her. "But Ill be filming probably throughout the day, and sometimes in the evening. What do we do about Little Treasure?"

    Lu Tingxiao didnt reply, and just stared at his son.

    Ning Xis hugs and kisses had absolutely delighted the little bun, and even with this piece of bad news, he still looked happy. He ran to his room.

    Ning Xi was nervous at the thought that he might lock himself in again. Unexpectedly, he quickly returned, a tablet in his hands.

    On the tablet: fighting.

    Ning Xi was almost moved to tears. "Thank you, darling. You are indeed my angel!"

    Lu Tingxiao looked at them embracing each other with unprecedented gentleness in his eyes.