Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 451

    Chapter 451: Yun Bastard!

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    Ning Xi sat in the middle of her ring consisting of the game console, magazines, and snacks, feeling like a pet waiting for its masters return...

    A while later, Cheng Feng, Shi Xiao, Xiong Zhi and a few other people walked past her.

    The other people who had never seen Ning Xi before were surprised that there was such a cute girl in the living room. Shi Xiao and Xiong Zhis mouth twitched a little as they saw her obediently sitting on the sofa with her magazines

    Ning Xi was not in the mood for leisure right now, so she glanced at Lu Tingxiao and saw that he was very focused on his discussion. She quickly sent someone a text message: [Yun, you bastard!!!!!!!!!!]

    She added a lot of exclamation marks to express her rage.

    A reply came back quickly.

    [Carrot Yun: I dare you to say it again!]

    A threat now, huh? How dare he!

    Ning Xi tapped on her screen: [As you wish! Y u n , y o u b a s t a r d ! ! !]

    [Carrot Yun: Ning Xi! Are you looking for trouble?!]

    Ning Xi was boiling with anger when she saw this message. She replied: [So youre ashamed of what youve done now? You knew that you couldnt win him in person, so you used a surprise attack! What a low move! Its a shame to all bastards to even call you a bastard!!!]

    The next reply arrived around 10 seconds later: [A surprise attack?]

    Ning Xi replied quickly: [Who else would it have been if it wasnt you?! Dont tell me that Firo and Alice werent your people!]

    A reply came back almost instantly: [Carrot Yun: You guys had a fight?]

    [You bet! If it hadnt been for my wits and courage, I would have died! And dont you try to change the topic, that isnt the main point!]

    [Carrot Yun: My dear, of course, its the main point.]

    At the same time, in an underground bar in Las Vegas.

    Under dazzling lights and loud music booming, drunk people were dancing their night away in the dance pool.

    A handsome blonde-haired, blue-eyed man sat under the giant crystal disco ball in the middle of a luxurious booth, with a glimmer of evil emanating from his eyes.

    A large crowd of hot, skimpily-dressed girls surrounded him and drank happily, it was a sumptuous feast indeed...

    A black-haired Asian man sat near him, alone on a big sofa. He wore gold-framed glasses, had a pair of blue earphones on and was working on his laptop in front of him. He gave people the impression that he wanted no one near him.

    No matter how things got crazy in the bar, everyone avoided him. It formed a sharp contrast compared to the blonde Italian man's table.

    A while later, the black-haired man nodded respectfully at the laptop then walked up to the Italian man, and said with a calm tone, "Mr. Augustine, did Firo act under your orders?"

    The blue-eyed Italian man with blonde hair looked up drunkenly, "Mmhmm...Firo...oh yes, those were my orders! Whats wrong, my dear buddy?"

    The black-haired man said matter-of-factly, "Youve gone against someone that you shouldnt have."

    "Someone that I shouldnt go against?" the man asked, still confused. However, it looked like something dawned on him and he had realized something. "You mean that woman"