Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 430

    Chapter 430: Some Dogs Are Biting Your Woman

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    At the same time, at a shop selling luxurious items opposite Jade Treasury.

    "Master Mo...Master you still want this shirt?" the shop owner asked carefully.

    The man who he was asking looked ruggedly handsome, dressed in a casual outfit. He had one hand in the pocket as he looked over to see the commotion in the opposite shop, "Aside from the few that I picked out, get me anything else you think fits!"

    "Alright! Master Mo, Ill get you the invoice now. Shall I send it to your address as usual?" the owner asked happily.

    "Mmm, send it!" Mo Lingtian replied him half-heartedly and continued looking into Jade Treasury.

    He then took out his phone to make a call.

    "Yes?" answered the other end of the line in his usual cold tone.

    "Hey, Lu Tingxiao, I heard that you went to Philadelphia for work. Why are you going to such an uninteresting place? Why not join the gang and have fun by the ocean?"

    The line went dead.

    The person had actually hung up on him

    "Damn!" Mo Lingtian looked at his phone in disbelief. Damn it! How dare he hang up on me!

    Mo Lingtian called again, and he started scolding the moment the line got through, "Screw you, Lu Tingxiao! Does it really take so much effort to talk to me? You just hung up on me right away!"

    "Perhaps you want to get cut off the second time?" the voice over the phone questioned seriously.

    If he continued spouting crap, he would really get cut off again...

    Mo Lingtian clenched his teeth and looking at the few women opposite, he angrily said, "Damn it! I was trying to be nice to inform you that some crazy dogs are biting your woman! Yet, you treat me this way! Where is your conscience?"

    There was a pause for a while, then one word was uttered, "Who?"

    Mo Lingtian proudly told him, "You think that I wouldnt know if you hid it from me? Isnt it the popular celebrity? What was she called again...oh right, Ning Xi! Last night, I accidentally clicked into a hot streaming site, and guess what I saw? I freaking saw that celebrity streaming a live game from your study room! I tell you, I"

    Lu Tingxiaos cold hard voice interrupted him, "Please get to the specifics."

    "Yo! Its really her! You actually said five words!"

    "Mo Lingtian!" the voice threatened with a growl.

    Mo Lingtian knew that something was not right. He guessed that he was probably handling some emergency situation on the other end, so he stopped fooling around and said, "Venue - your jade ornament shop Jade Treasury. People - your real lover Ning Xi, and your rumored girlfriend Su Yimo together with her bunch! Is it clear enough? Need more specifics?"

    The phone call was cut off again.

    Mo Lingtian mumbled "Damn it!" What an ungrateful person!

    The shop owner came over, beaming, "Master Mo, the shirts have all been packed!"

    "Mmm." Mo Lingtian nodded but did not leave right away. Instead, he ordered, "Get me a chair right now!"

    "Ah? A chair?" asked the shop owner in confusion.

    "What? Quickly! You've got a great view here. Do you have any objections about me sitting here to enjoy the view?"

    "No! Ill go and get you one! Right now!" The shop owner wiped some sweat from his brow and quickly went to get a chair.

    These rich people do spend a lot, but they sure were not easy to serve!