Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 43

    Chapter 43: Bite Again

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    Or maybe it wasnt that he had changed, but that he had hidden it too well, so she never really knew him at all.

    Ning Xi noticed bloodstains on Lu Tingxiaos hand, and asked without thinking, "Lu Lu Tingxiao, what happened to your hand?"

    Lu Tingxiao looked at the delicate little teeth marks, then looked at her with a smile. "What do you think?"

    Ning Xi swallowed. "Well these teeth marks look familiar"

    There was praise in Lu Tingxiaos expression. "Good eye."

    "Cough, thanks." Ning Xi smiled awkwardly, and then asked more carefully, "Was it me?"

    "You think Im trying to frame you? You can take anther bite and see if they look the same," Lu Tingxiao suggested, and held out his hand.

    Ning Xi waved her hands in embarrassment. "No need, no need, it was me! I did it! Then again what on earth happened last night? Everythings in pieces, I only remember going to the bathroom, the rest after that is a blur how did I end up here?"

    "You blacked out in the girls room, I went in to get you, you didn't want to come with me and you bit me," Lu Tingxiao answered succinctly.

    Ning Xi was confused. " You you went into the girls room?"

    She had really committed such an unforgivable sin! The Big Demon King had sacrificed too much for her

    "Then why was I sleeping in the car?" Ning Xi gathered the courage to ask.

    "Because you refused to leave your little darling." Lu Tingxiao deliberately emphasized your little darling.

    Ning Xi looked at the car she had worshiped for so long, and understood Lu Tingxiaos words immediately.

    "Im so sorry, Ive caused you so much trouble!" Ning Xi apologized weakly.

    It was only the second night since shed moved in, and already so much had happened, she truly felt bad about it.

    Lu Tingxiao didn't respond to her words, and instead asked something unrelated, "Why did you get so drunk last night?"

    Ning Xis face suddenly saddened

    Looking at how her face changed, Lu Tingxiaos inner beast started to raise its head.

    Ning Xi wasn't used to sharing her worries with others, but this weight was too much to bear; she sank listlessly into the car seat, looking at the greenery above her head, and murmured, "I didn't get the Meng Changge role"

    Lu Tingxiao was surprised. "What?"

    "Its just a small second female lead role, I know a big CEO like you cant possibly understand, but you dont know how hard I worked for this day, you have no idea how happy I was when I got it, none of you understand" Ning Xi covered her eyes with her hands as she spoke.

    All this time, Lu Tingxiao thought that she had gotten so drunk because of Su Yan; he never thought this would be the real reason.

    She was not sad about losing Su Yan, but about losing the role?

    Lu Tingxiaos brightened after the gloom he had felt all night, but seeing Ning Xis sad face, his heart clenched.

    How could he not know how important her dream was to her.

    She wouldnt be so stubborn otherwise, choosing to climb up step by step even though there were shortcuts she could have taken.

    "Dont be sad, you are already doing well." Lu Tingxiao lifted her head to rest it on his chest.

    So Su Yan wasn't the culprit, it was Ning Yaohua.

    Ning Yaohua was the biggest investor for , so he had a large say in whom to cast in the movie.

    No one was allowed to bully his girl, not even her own father.