Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 429

    Chapter 429: Poor Yet Trying To Act Big

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    Liang Biqin ran her fingers across the jade jewelry excitedly, "Cousin, these jade ornaments look really great! No wonder you like them so much! Only jade can match your extraordinary aura!"

    "Shes right, gold and silver are too tacky!"

    The other artistes went along in agreement, and they shifted their focus to the high-grade jade ornaments placed in front of Su Yimo. One of them complained, "Boss, youve never shown us these goods before when we were here!"

    "Boss, how biased of you!"

    "You cant blame him. After all, good jade is only worthy of a beautiful person. Only Yimo can pair well with these jades, so lets not embarrass ourselves here!"

    Listening to all the flattery, Su Yimo smiled with pride. She seemed to like the jade bracelet and played with it.

    Suddenly, Liang Biqin thought of something and she stared at Ning Xi, then drawled to the owner, "Boss! Youre not handling things very well here, are you?"

    The shop owner was anxious, "Uh, what is it? Is there something that I'm doing wrong? Please let me know, Ms. Liang! Ill work on it right away!"

    Liang Biqin looked straight at Ning Xi, "Its not about your service. In fact, you are serving us so well that everyone is around here, and no ones looking out for the shop. Who knows if some poor person will take this chance to steal your jade, then you might suffer a big loss!"

    The owner instinctively looked at Ning Xi upon hearing this.

    Aside from Su Yimos bunch in the shop, there was only Ning Xi who was still selecting her jade beaded bracelet.

    At first, he thought that this woman could help him close a big deal, but who knew she was so stingy

    The owner nodded seriously, "Ms. Liang, you are right!"

    He then ordered his worker, "Xiao Yu, go and attend to her!"

    "Huh? Me!?" Xiao Yu pointed at her nose in surprise.

    "Yes, you, what are you waiting for? Go! If something goes missing, it's your head on the chopping board!"

    "Yes, boss" Xiao Yu unwillingly went to the counter in front of Ning Xi.

    As she saw Ning Xi was focused on examining a bracelet, Xiao Yu tried to hide her impatience politely, "Miss, youve been looking for quite some time now. Have you made your decision already?"

    Everyone else was with the lady boss and only she was sent over. How could she not be impatient?She was just hoping that this woman would quickly wrap up her purchase and leave.

    Ning Xi was carefully looking at the jade beaded bracelet in her hands and did not notice the workers impatient expression, and she then asked, "Does this bracelet have any particular meaning behind it?" Ning Xi thought that when she gave this to her grandfather, she could say something auspicious to go with it.

    Hearing Ning Xi's question, Liang Biqin let out an exaggerated and sarcastic laugh, "Huh? What meaning can cheap jade possibly have? Just simply buy any one! What a bumpkin, still trying to figure out meaning of this and that!"

    The artistes echoed, "This is what happens when a poor person tries to act big!"

    Liang Biqin continued, "I was right. This woman actually embarrasses herself outside in public as well!"

    "Tsk, I really dont want to admit that were working in the same company!"

    "Second Masters taste used to be good. The people who he hired were all great candidates, but it seems like he missed this time."

    "Whats funny is that people are comparing her to Yimo! This woman isnt even worthy to hold shoes for Yimo!"