Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 41

    Chapter 41: Want More?

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    "What what do you want?" Seeing Lu Tingxiao slip into the passenger seat all of a sudden, Ning Xi gripped the steering wheel tightly, as if he was protecting what belonged to her.

    Lu Tingxiao sat back, his eyes darkening.

    Heh, what did he want?

    It was better for her not to know.

    Lu Tingxiao was now only wearing a white shirt; his collar was too tight, so he violently ripped the first button open, then the second, then the third

    Ning Xi watched Lu Tingxiao next to her keenly, lost in seeing a handsome man rip his own shirt off to reveal his firm chest, to the point even her beloved Little White was forgotten.

    Lu Tingxiao didn't noticed her looking at him. Trying hard to suppress his ridiculous, unreasonable jealousy over a car, he lit a cigarette and took a long, deep drag before releasing a breath of smoke.

    The moment that Lu Tingxiao pulled out the cigarette, Ning Xi could no longer stand it. She stared unblinkingly at this man: the slight movement of his Adams apple, that white cigarette held loosely between his thin lips, and the smoke coming out of his mouth

    Lu Tingxiao felt the burning stare on him, and when he turned his head, he saw the look of "hunger" on Ning Xis face.

    For a moment, Lu Tingxiao was almost tricked by that look; then he realized it was not him she was craving for.

    She was "hungry" for the cigarette between his lips.

    If nothing else, Lu Jingli was good at gathering information; his background check on Ning Xi had been extremely detailed, from her upbringing to hobbies, even the fact that she was trying to quit smoking

    Lu Tingxiao understood immediately that Ning Xi was having smoke cravings.

    It wasnt just an ex-lover and a car he had lost to, now even a cigarette was more attractive than he was.

    Lu Tingxiao had never felt more frustrated or more insecure in his entire life.

    From the very first moment Lu Tingxiao saw Ning Xi, he wanted her for his own. However, he decided to take it slow to protect her feelings. Ning Xi, on the other hand, had never really been interested in him, and was always setting boundaries.

    She would rather hug someone elses thigh, than be his wife.

    People say that if an ex cannot be forgotten, it means the new lover is not good enough. Does that mean he really wasnt good enough? She had even gotten ridiculously drunk over someone who had dumped her.

    He clearly knew that the best approach was to take it slow, and had always followed this rule. He had never imagined he would lose reason to this extent, that something this insignificant could blow all his senses away.

    Lu Tingxiao smoked the cigarette as his thoughts chased themselves all over the place. The red glow of the cigarette tip was reflected in his eyes, and he asked in a deep, low voice, "Want some?"

    Ning Xi nodded without hesitation; it wasnt clear if she was attracted to the cigarette or to the man beside her.

    Lu Tingxiao flicked cigarette ash away, and took one more drag on the cigarette under Ning Xis naked stare; in the next moment before she knew it, his cigarette-flavored lips were firmly pressed against hers

    Ning Xis eyes shot wide open; she was surrounded by the strong scent of tobacco accompanied by the mans cool breath; a second later, her lips were gently pried open, and smoke breathed into her mouth

    Distracted and unprepared, Ning Xi started coughing severely from the smoke.

    The cigarette was now half gone; with a gloomy look on his face, Lu Tingxiao took another drag. With tears in her eyes from coughing, the person next to him was more attractive than ever, and Lu Tingxiao asked, "Want more?"