Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 409

    Chapter 409: Sudden Change Of Devil

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    Ning Xi stood in the middle of the room and looked around curiously.

    This was her first time in Lu Tingxiaos office.

    The room looked exactly like the owners style - everything was in cold colors, with plenty of metal and glass, none of which could seem to warm up.

    As Ning Xi looked around, she suddenly recalled Glory World Entertainments glamorous and sparkling interior decoration and thought of how vast the differences between the two brothers were

    The secretary came back in, "Ms. Ning, your tea is ready. Please have a seat first!"

    Besides tea, she had brought in some snacks too.

    "Thank you, this is too much trouble!"

    "Youre welcome." The secretary waved a hand but did not leave the room.

    Ning Xi picked up the tea cup and saw that the secretary was still here, so she asked, "Ms. Secretary, is there anything else?"

    "Not at all! Enjoy your tea!" The secretary quickly went out.

    Ah! What a waste! She wanted to see who was under the mask!

    Ning Xi could guess intentions of the secretary and laughed. So, Lu Tingxiaos workers liked gossip as well.

    Ning Xi sat on the sofa, took off her mask and sipped the tea and as she glanced around, she saw a thick album

    What was that?

    It did not look like an ordinary document folder.

    At the same time, Lu Tingxiao and his managers were back at the entrance of the company.

    Everyone was curious to know what urgent matter had actually made the boss act this way.

    Lu Tingxiao got down from the car and walked into the building when he suddenly remembered something, and there was concern written on his face. While he was impatient earlier, he looked bright, but now his face looked as tempestuous as a hurricane as if the sky was going to fall down...

    All the managers were really terrified seeing him this way!

    Was the company going to fall?

    Lu Tingxiao hastened his footsteps and walked towards the lobby counter

    "Hi CEO Lu!" Secretary Fang quickly greeted him upon seeing him.

    "Is she here already?" Lu Tingxiao asked harshly.

    "She?" The secretary got scared by the boss scary expression, after a while only she recovered, "CEO Lu, you mean Ms. Ning? Yes! Shes already waiting for you in your office!"

    "What!?" Lu Tingxiao raised his voice.

    The secretary was terrified, almost to the point of crying, "C...CEO there a problem? Assistant Cheng told me to let her wait for you in your office!"

    Cheng Feng freaked out as well when he saw Lu Tingxiaos expression, as he remembered that it was him who instructed to have Ms. Ning wait in the office!

    Lu Tingxiao pinched the area in between his eyebrows, "How long has she been there?"

    The secretary was shaking and looked at the time, "Around seven or eight minutes."

    Lu Tingxiao did not say anything but his face darkened and he rushed towards the elevator

    The secretary quickly held Cheng Feng back, "Assistant Cheng, what happened? Did I do anything wrong? Youre the one who asked me to bring her up! I confirmed it with you just now!"

    Cheng Feng was really confused as well, "Who am I to ask? Dont worry too much, Ill check out what has happened and let you know!"

    "Please do" the secretary almost cried. A second of waiting was another second of suffering

    After he got out of the elevator, Lu Tingxiao pulled his tie loose and ran all the way to his office. Along the way all his employees were confused

    The person that just ran through...why did he look like our boss?