Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 40

    Chapter 40: Darling, I Really Want to Marry You

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    "Cough, its really hard not to put the blame on him. When Ning Xi was overseas, all the people she was with were only flings. After she was done with them, she threw them away. Shes really so cool, but this Su Yan should be the only man shed ever truly loved."

    It would have been better if he hadnt said anything. After his explanation, Lu Tingxiaos expression was even more unsightly.

    Lu Jingli felt a bit speechless. You two havent even started dating, what gives you the right to look like you want to massacre all her exes?

    "Brother, even if you plan to wait for her to fall for you, you should bring her over to Glory World first its inconvenient that shes still with our competitor Starlight! From what I know, shes miserable working over there with Ning Xueluo," Lu Jingli grumbled.

    Lu Tingxiao glanced at the quiet girl hugging Little Treasure. "Its not the right time yet."

    After the trouble of bringing this person back to his place, another problem came up after they got out of the car.

    When Ning Xi saw the silver-white sports car, she stopped with a bright glitter in her eyes, then threw herself on it as if she would rather die than leave the car, her expression like that of a teenage girl who had found her dream man. "Oh! Little White! My darling!"

    Lu Tingxiaos expression went through several transformations as many emotions flickered over his face.

    He had suffered so much, going into the womens restroom to pick her up, and she hadnt even treated him nicely. She even called him a big demon king, and now she was hugging his car and calling it darling?

    "Hahaha brother, you cant possibly be jealous of a car! Who told you to drive this car out? When Xiao Xi Xi was overseas, she was practically on the level of professional race car drivers, and she especially loves sports cars. Obviously, shed be powerless against the allure of the worlds top sports car!" Lu Jingli said on the side, delighting in his brothers misfortune.

    And then he realized that there was someone who was even more jealous than Lu Tingxiao.

    And that was Little Treasure.

    Watching his nickname "Darling" used on a car, the little guy was about to cry.

    As for the one responsible for all of this, Ning Xi was still running her hands all over the car with a besotted expression. "Darling, youre so so handsome really too dreamy! I really want to marry you!"

    Lu Tingxiaos knuckles cracked, itching for some violence.

    When he proposed to her, she treated him like she had encountered a beast, and now she was actually proposing to a car?

    Lu Tingxiao rolled up his sleeves. "Old Zhang, bring me a hammer."

    Lu Jingli immediately stopped laughing. "Dont! Brother, calm down! This car is worth nearly two billion! If you dont want it, then give it to me, Ill take it away and I promise you wont ever see it again!"

    After he spoke, Lu Jinglis world spun as delicate-looking Ning Xi threw him over her shoulder.

    "Who dares touch my Little White?!" Ning Xis face was filled with killing intent, as if she would go so far as to slaughter gods.

    Lu Jingli held his hip. "Good warrior, please spare me, I was wrong"

    This girl seemed to be a veteran practitioner of judo. He felt like he had lost half of his life after that one flip!

    Ning Xi then climbed into the drivers seat, hugging the steering wheel tightly. "Little White, dont be afraid"

    "Eldest Young Master, this..." Old Zhang, who had been chased away from the car, was bewildered.

    Lu Tingxiao could not help but feel a headache coming on as he waved his hand, signaling for him to leave.

    He then looked at his son. "Little Treasure, its late, go to sleep first."

    Little Treasure, who was in a daze from losing Ning Xis favor, shook his head like a rattle.

    Lu Tingxiao didnt get angry, only replied blandly, "You should know, girls dont like it when the people they care most about see them in their worst state."

    Hm, the people they care most about

    Little Treasure thought about it deeply for a few seconds before obediently turning around to leave.

    Lu Jingli widened his eyes. "Brother, arent you going overboard? You would even lie to a small child!"

    "Is there anything else?"

    "Of course there is something else, I want you to feel the blazing warmth of this incredibly huge light bulb 1 !"

    He could feel the piercing frost coming from his brother.

    "Fine, Ill leave, Ill leave" Lu Jingli walked forward before glancing back.

    A man, a woman, and a car. Dont tell me something might happen

    Hehe, it was time for the record-breaking 63x optical zoom range camera that he had bought to shine!

    1. In Chinese, to be a lightbulb is to be the third wheel.