Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 394

Chapter 394: I'm Back

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"Ning Xi, you..." Bai Lu wanted to say something but stopped. She wanted to ask whether she really had a plan, but she did not dare ask. She was afraid that if she asked, she would lose her final strand of hope.

"Wait for me, I'll be quick," Ning Xi said to Bai Lu in a rush, then smiled a little at Liang Biqin and the rest. Without saying anything further, she ran out the door...

Bai Lu recalled the look she had before she left. Even though she knew she should not, but she still involuntarily felt herself wanting to believe her...

Ning Xi had not gone for too long when Zhao Meixin looked at the doorway and felt like she was forgetting something, but she could not quite put her finger on it.

Time passed slowly...

Everyone looked outside, while Bai Lu's sight never left the door. After all, she had already run out of options and Ning Xi was her only hope.

"Pfft, Bai Lu, you're still hoping? You didn't really believe that she would return, did you?" Liang Biqin looked delightedly at Bai Lu's pitiful demeanor and intentionally made her feel worse.

Hah, this is what happens when you dare steal a role from her!

We'll see who else dares go against her next time!

Bai Lu's expression darkened as she remained quiet, even though she knew deep down that her hopes were slim.

"Everyone can see that we've given you multiple chances, and we even repeatedly lowered the standards. If you can't compensate for this, then you really can't blame us anymore!" Liang Biqin said at this point and then she paused. She slyly added, "If you want to blame, blame Ning Xi! If it hadn't been for her, would Sis Yimo's dress have been ruined?"

Zhao Meixin put on a regretful look, "Initially, the dress was only stained slightly and it wasn't too big of a deal. It just needed a wash but who knew...haih..."

Bai Lu naturally knew that Liang Biqin and Zhao Meixin were intentionally inciting the situation, so she did not say anything.

Actually, she did not blame Ning Xi, she only had herself to blame for having such bad luck...

Hah, she went without drama for 10 years, and now when she finally got a supporting role, she immediately fell right into the fire pit. Could her luck possibly be that bad?

They waited for a little while more, and Su Yimo started to show her impatience.

Liang Biqin saw that Su Yimo was becoming restless, so she immediately vented, "Didn't she say it was only for a few minutes? Why isn't she here yet?"

Zhao Meixin was upset too, "That's too much. If you can't compensate, just be honest! Now our Yimo has to wait for so long! Do you know how precious our Yimo's time is?"

Everyone around nodded, "We knew that she wouldn't be able to offer something. We shouldn't have waited for nothing!"

"We sure don't mind, but to make Sis Yimo wait this long is really plucky of her!"

"Real nice of her, isn't it? I'll say, Sis Yimo, if she really ran away, don't let her get off the hook so easily!"

"Exactly! Otherwise, it would be too nice for her!"


Suddenly, all the ass kissers and their comments made things worse for Ning Xi.

When she saw that all was said and done, the last flicker of hope in Bai Lu's eyes finally extinguished...

She was so unwilling to let this happen to herself!

Yet as unwilling as she may be, what could she do?

That was when from the entrance a clear voice rang out, "I'm back."

The girl was still wearing the pink outfit as she panted slightly, and stood there against the light.

"Ning...Ning Xi..."

"Interesting! She really dared to come back!"

"Uhh, it seems like she's holding something...could it really be a dress?"