Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 393

Chapter 393: The Label Of A Shameless Villain

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Someone else on the side immediately took the opportunity to brownnose Su Yimo, "How is that possible? Yimo's dress is a limited edition! If hers is ruined, the world would be lacking one too!"

When she heard this, Su Yimo looked more settled and she said helplessly, "What about if it's the same grade too?"

Liang Biqin immediately jumped and reacted as if she felt it was unfair, "Cousin! You're just too nice! But if you let this slide so easily, this will give precedence to more of these troublemakers!"

Everyone around them naturally echoed.

"What are you two doing? Quickly thank Sis Yimo!"

"You got lucky this time!"

"Good thing Sis Yimo is so easy-going that she let you guys get off the hook so easily!"


Bai Lu knelt on the ground stiffly. She could not say anything.

Hah, whatever same grade apparel it was that she had to find, it would still mean the same to her...

She definitely could not afford to compensate...

Could it be that today she would be chased out of the company?

Even though she had already expected the worst, she had finally reached this moment, and she still could not completely accept it.

She had persevered for 10 whole years now. Things were about to get better, but now because she dirtied a dress, it was all going to be over...

As everyone around watched Bai Lu's pitiful expression, they all had the same thought. They were even more certain now that no matter who they offended, it had better not be Su Yimo...

As for Ning Xi, it seemed to her like this would not end well today.

Everyone knew that Ning Xi had previously been treated unkindly in Starlight Entertainment and that she definitely did not have too much money on her hands.

Up till now, even though she had signed the contract with Glory World, she had not been signed onto any new drama. She did win a small gaming company's contract as a spokesperson, but whether or not the fees would be distributed to her was unknown. Even if it was, it would probably only be able to afford the hem of that dress...

At this moment, Ning Xi squinted as she thought about something. When she heard the echoing urges around her and Bai Lu's sobs, something flashed across her eyes and she said, "Compensate with an apparel of the same grade, was it? Just give me a few minutes, I'll go home to get it."

It was a good thing the apartment was very near the company.

Once she said this, everyone looked at each other doubtfully...

"She made it sound easy! Go home to get it? How on earth would Ning Xi have an apparel of such quality? If she did, I'll take my brain out and let you sit on it like a toilet bowl!"

"She must be lying. For someone who likes to be in the limelight like her, if she really did have it, she would have worn it to show off. How would we have not seen it even once? She must be trying to save face and put up a facade! Probably trying to delay time!"

"Even if she delayed further, there's no way she can make an apparel appear out of thin air, right? Think about what the "apparel of the same grade" means? It means that every aspect of the piece must be similar! Look at Yimo's apparel, what grade is it? Don't talk about how it's not available in the market yet. Even if it was, it would be a global limited edition with not more than ten pieces!"


Liang Biqin laughed a little, "Haha, sure, we'll wait! However, you can't just go and not return! If you don't come back, my cousin won't be so petty as to chase you to the world's end for it. Then, you'd be leaving Bai Lu alone to compensate..."

These words clearly tried to label Ning Xi as a shameless villain. If she dared to not return, her reputation would definitely be ruined.

If she did return and came back with nothing in hand, it would also definitely be embarrassing...

Nevertheless, Ning Xi was far from worried if she would be able to hand over an apparel.

Even if she sought for someone's help, she would not be able to make it within such a short period of time. Which luxury brand did not need a pre-order much further in advance before its purchase?