Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 381

    Chapter 381: Strange Behavior

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    While Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu placated her, Ning Xueluo allowed herself to smile a little in victory.

    It was easy to deal with Ning Yaohua and Zhuang Lingyu's side. However, more importantly, there was still the difficult Su Yimo to deal with...

    If she used Su Yimo as a weapon, she would be able to completely wipe Ning Xi out. If she offended the Lu group's higher authorities, she wouldn't last for too long.

    Before this, Su Yimo was egoistic and did not care about being calculative with Ning Xi, but after tonight, would she still let Ning Xi go?

    She just has to watch the cat fight happen then!

    Hah, Ning Xi, I will wait to watch you be defeated...


    After the launch of "The World", Ning Xi rested at home for three days. She lived like a pig - apart from practicing and eating, she just slept.

    Only on the third day, she finally felt like she had regained the other half of her soul that she had left with Meng Changge...

    However, in the next second, the sound of a message notification made her jump again.

    [Ning Xi, are you free tomorrow night? Xiao Bao's school registration is done. Cabbage Lu]

    Ning Xi looked at the words 'Cabbage Lu' and did not reply instantly.

    Even though she had survived the launching banquet, it did not mean that the danger had passed. In fact, it was a huge warning for her...

    That dude did not just want to tease her, he wanted to threaten and warn her.

    Warn her that even though he was miles away, he could still reach her...

    Ning Xi frowned, took out her phone, and retrieved a long-forgotten number from her telephone book.

    The phone only rang for a short while before it got through. Ning Xi was stunned for a second before she reacted in a rush, "Hello, Annie..."

    "Hello! Bro Xi! It's really you! How long has it been since you contacted me?"

    "Be good now!" When she heard the girl's emotional voice from the other end, Ning Xi's expression softened.

    "Bro Xi, I really miss you! But before you left, you said you wanted to let go of the past and start a brand new I daren't disturb you all this while...and daren't take the initiative to contact you..." The girl on the other end of the phone sounded extremely sad.

    Ning Xi laughed, "Stupid child, I was just pretending to be cool! You really believed me?"

    "What?!" Annie responded in a hurt tone, "So my self-control over the urge to contact you all this while was for nothing?"

    Ning Xi was amused, "Pfft, hahaha...I'm just teasing you! Why are you still so gullible?"

    "Stop teasing me! Bro Xi, you're too mean!"

    "Okay, okay, I'll stop fooling around now. It's time to talk business! I've called you this time to ask about something!" Ning Xi said seriously.

    Annie quickly yet solemnly replied, "What is it, Bro Xi? I'll tell you everything I know!"

    Ning Xi scratched her head then asked, "It''s about your big boss. Has he been acting strangely recently?"

    Annie was stunned and she stuttered, "Uhh...this...well..."

    Ning Xi impatiently asked, "What is it? Yes or no, it's such an easy question!"

    Annie immediately answered, "Bro Xi, yes."

    "Yes?!" Ning Xi suddenly sat up straight. "How has he been acting weird? Tell me quickly!"