Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 366

Chapter 366: The Start Of War

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"Hmph! You lot are just blindly worshipping foreign ideals! Whats so good about these dishes? Its not even half as good as our ancestors'! Our Chinese food has a broad and profound historical background and has originated so long ago. Any one of our eight-dish series can instantly put these foreigners to shame!" Fang Ya declared coldly on the stage.

Her words were too harsh and a guest started rebutting, "Uh, pretty lady, you cant put it this way. Sure, our food is awesome, but Country F is famous for their food culture as well. Simply put, we each have our own advantages!"

"Thats because you have not tasted the best of Chinese cuisine before. Otherwise, you wouldn't possibly say something like that!" She stared at Ning Xi in disdain and continued, "Its because of people like you lot whove been blindly worshipping foreign ideals that our ancestors' culture and history have fallen! You dont support your own countrys creations and support other countrys stuff instead! Shallow, extremely shallow! Not just shallow, youre an embarrassment!"

In the corner, Ning Xi squinted her eyes. Without even needing to think, she knew that Fang Ya would not be able to come up with something like that herself, but with Ning Xueluo behind Fang Ya

As expected, knowing Ning Xueluo, she would not be contented with the way things were going.

As YS surprise had been revealed, Ning Xi was not afraid anymore. She had no mental burden now, so she was just enjoying her food relaxingly, and watched them fretting over nothing...

The atmosphere was terrific at first. Who expected Fang Ya to suddenly spurt out something like this, causing the situation to be awkward?

The faces of the two foreign chef masters, in particular, who were fluent in Chinese, darkened when they heard what Fang Ya said.

"Tonight is a celebration dinner! We were shooting an ancient Chinese series! Why hire foreign chefs? What a joke!" Fang Ya continued to taunt.

Ning Xueluo had a superior expression and laughed coldly at Ning Xi.

All of this was part of her plan. What was next would be seeing Ning Xi become the target of humiliation, and wait for the arrival of China's top chef master, He Xin, then everything would be complete.

Tonight would still be perfect!

Eventually, some people started to agree with Fang Yas words, "Actually, Miss Fang Ya makes sense. The top chefs of our country are just as great so they wont lose to the two foreigners at all! Take Mr. He Xin for example. As the founder of our countrys top eatery, Green Lotus, he has been invited by several countrys leaders, which makes evident that our chefs are great as well, not losing out to the westerners!"

"Not just He Xin, theres also the legendary Mr. Cai Fengxian too. His ancestors were all royal chefs who served the former emperors, until now. Through years of experiences and improvisation, his skills are superb...he has even prepared dishes for the Queen of England once, and in return, received a great token of honor!"

"Right, Mr. Cai Fengxian sure is a legendary icon in the world of chefs, but you cant invite him at all. There is no way, so theres no point in talking about it. Even inviting Mr. He Xin would be extremely difficult.

"I dont think so, the romanticism of the Western world is something that the Chinese culture lacks!"

"Nonsense! The Westerners are all cold and fancy, they do not have the human touch of the Chinese culture!"