Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 365

Chapter 365: Tonight Belongs To You

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On the stage, Ning Xueluo was staring at Su Yan with a grin as she could easily guess the purpose of his phone call.

There was indeed a master in the Su family these few days - the founder of Chinas best eatery, Green Lotus. He had prepared meals for ministers from Great Britain, France, and Germany before, and he was born into a family of renowned chefs. He had been achieving astounding results since he was young. But in recent years, he kept a low profile and rarely showed himself to the public.

A top chef like him actually had deep connections with the Su family. It was also only because of He Xin that Su Yan was able to invite William Fee.

Su Yan did not even think about it before because of He Xins status but the situation now left him with no choice but to ask his father for a favor and request for He Xins assistance. It was not just about Ning Xueluo, but it was also for Su Yan and the Su familys honor.

After a while, Su Yan regained his smile, and Ning Xueluo was relieved as well.

Looking at Su Yans expression, he probably got it settled with his father. Only someone like Su Yans father would be able to invite someone of He Xins status. Su Yans father studied overseas when he was still young and he was classmates with He Xin. It seemed that he helped He Xin quite a lot, so it only took a word from Su Yan for He Xin to help out for the sake of his father.

If He Xin came here, he might not be on par with Danials culinary skills, but his status and influence was not limited to just cooking

Quickly, Su Yan went back to Ning Xueluo, and smiled gently, "Xueluo, dont be angry anymore. In just moments, there will be a bigger surprise. Uncle He Xin will be here to make some dishes for you personally!"

Ning Xueluo pulled a surprised face as she shook her head and said, "My dear Yan, what are you doing? Why would I be angry? It is one of the few nights that my sister can enjoy herself. I dont want to compete with her or even fight with her for anything. Im satisfied as long as I'm with you!"

Hearing what she said, Su Yan hugged her tight in his arms and his tone became even gentler "Xueluo, I know that you dont like to fight with other people but tonight is your night. I wont let anyone steal your spotlight. I think Xiao Xi wont as well. Well just have her put up with this for once!"

Su Yan sighed secretly, thinking about some time before this that he neglected Ning Xueluo and put her through a lot because of Cui Caijings incident. This was the girl he promised to protect forever. For such an important night, he wanted to make her happy

In the end, Ning Xueluo nodded obediently, glanced over to Ning Xi who was still tasting the dishes, and let out a cold laugh thinking that Ning Xi had no right to fight with her!


Tonights banquet was more lively than usual with crowds of journalists surrounding the hotel but the hotel had provisionally hired extra security and blocked off uninvited guests.

At the moment, Ning Xi was having a conversation with Mr. Danial, revolving around the topic of the sources of food and cooking methods. Mr. Danial was very kind and equipped with his years of expertise and experience, he patiently answered Ning Xis questions one by one.

"Thank you, Mr. Danial. Youre the best!" Ning Xi happily expressed her gratitude.

"If not for the fear of objection from my peers, I might have taken you in as my student!" Mr. Danial said laughingly. Clearly, he liked this newfound friend who was passionate about cooking as well.

As Ning Xi was about to say something, a loud, cold "Hmph" spread across the hall.