Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 36

    Chapter 36: Which God of Fortune is This?

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    "Brother Yan, why did you come? Didnt I say you didnt have to pick me up?" Ning Xueluo was like a little bird as she fluttered happily over to her man.

    "I was worried. Its raining outside." Su Yan took off his jacket to drape over her, his gaze unhappy. "Why are you wearing so little?"

    Ning Xueluos expression was as sweet as honey. "Oh you, how old do you think I am, you still treat me like a child!"

    Ning Xi was unsteady as she pressed against the icy cold wall, and felt that she was really unlucky.

    All night, if she wasnt witnessing the parental love directed at Ning Xueluo, then she was a spectator to Ning Xueluos love life.

    As if this wasnt enough, Ning Xueluo purposely grabbed onto Su Yans arm and led him towards her, saying warmly, "Junior Sister, I can tell youve drunk a little too much. How about we leave together? Ill have my boyfriend drive you back!"

    Ning Xueluo intentionally emphasized the word boyfriend.

    Only then did Su Yan notice Ning Xi. The moment he saw her, his pupils contracted.

    Ning Xi

    It had already been a long time.

    They hadnt met even once during those years that she was gone overseas, and after her return, he had only seen her from afar when he picked Xueluo up from the company a few times.

    He was not prepared for what he saw she had changed so much that he almost couldnt recognize her.

    That girl who had always worn braids and floral dresses in the past had somehow become a woman who could capture the hearts of all men

    Noticing Su Yans gaze on Ning Xi, a trace of hostility flashed through Ning Xueluos eyes as she tugged on his arm. "Brother Yan, what do you say?"

    Su Yan then came out of his reverie and immediately nodded his head. "Yes, lets go together."

    "Junior Sister Ning Junior Sister Ning? Are you alright?" Ning Xueluo pretended to be worried.

    Ning Xi waved her hand and shook her head. Because of the alcohol, her mind was growing more muddled, her heart was beating faster and her blood was rushing backwards. It felt as though there was a beast roaring inside her body, wanting to break out and tear the two fake faces before her to shreds.

    "No need" Ning Xi stumbled in the direction of the bathroom before she lost control.

    Ning Xueluo smirked at Ning Xis sorry-looking escape, but when she turned around to face Su Yan, her expression was one of hurt. "Brother Yan, Xiao Xi doesnt seem like she wants to forgive me I already worked so hard to make it up to her. In the company, I tried to take care of her, and yet she shows me a face like that. I really dont know what else I can do"

    "Dont worry, Xiao Xi is always like this. Give her time and shell eventually forgive you!" Su Yan consoled her in a soft voice.

    Outside the hotel, ladies from the crew were excitedly admiring Su Yans high-end car.

    "I just checked, this Maserati is worth at least 10 million, its so expensive!"

    "I also want to find a rich boyfriend, just how many years will it take me!"

    "More importantly, hes so handsome! So many celebrities marry rich, but theyre all to fat, middle-aged men, seeing that really turns my stomach"

    While everyone was gossiping, they all saw Su Yan and Ning Xueluo leave the hotel together.

    A good-looking couple standing together really drew the eye.

    Everyone watched enviously as Ning Xueluo, with Su Yans jacket draped over her, stepped into the luxurious car, and only after the car was out of sight did they release longing sighs.

    But not long after the car had left, there was a sudden piercing sound as a silver-white silhouette appeared and drew closer. It was a sports car speeding over, stopping right at the entrance of the hotel.

    More importantly, this car

    This car was too dazzling!

    Such a handsome, low chassis, a smooth body and cool scissor doors it was a work of art

    Even more importantly, the price

    "F*** me, thats the Bugatti Veyron SuperSport, the worlds most expensive sports car. It costs approximately over a billion yuan mother which god of fortune is this"