Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 354

Chapter 354: Awesome Food Plus Handsome Man Combo

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Somewhere in the crowd, someones utensils fell and made a loud clattering sound.

The food journalist who kept on praising William Fee suddenly stood up, staring at the man behind the hotel owner, and excitedly said, "William...Fee"

People used to only see him on magazine covers, but tonight they got to see him in the flesh.

Compared to the magazine covers, William Fee carried a commanding aura. A number of actresses tried to get their act together and attempted to get his attention.

With his rugged Caucasian looks and his international fame, he looked very manly as well.

"The one at the entrance looks like the hotel owner, but, whos the man behind him?" some guests who had never seen him before asked.

"Its William Fee himself!" the food journalist excitedly yelled.

"Ah? Hes William Fee! What a handsome man! I thought hes some big shot celebrity!"

Upon hearing that he was William Fee, many guests hurried over and asked for a picture together. William Fee smiled lightly, and he did not reject the requests, fulfiling them all one by one.

Xiao Tao clenched her fists tightly and looked back at Ning Xi, frustratedly she said, "It was all for the hype! They even let William Fee take pictures with the guests so that there would be a lot more for the reporters to write about tomorrow - romantic proposals, the famous William Fee and what not"

Ning Xi shook her head and hinted to Xiao Tao to stop talking. In a public event like this, it would be better to speak less to avoid unnecessary attention and trouble.

Luckily, everyone was so focused on William Fee that they did not hear what Xiao Tao said.

"Its true, Ning Xueluos acting skills aren't better than yours. Her looks and characters arent even comparable to yours, but why is it that she always gets the limelight!?" Xiao Tao complained, feeling unfair on behalf of Ning Xi.

From Xiao Taos perspective, Ning Xis outlook and acting skills were far superior to Ning Xueluo's, and most importantly, her character was so much better too!

Ning Xueluo had carved a very strong presence among the shooting crew and seemed very easy to get along with, but little did most people know. As Xiao Tao had been following Ning Xi, she was could see through Ning Xueluo's intentions.

They had always said that Ning Xi was jealous of Ning Xueluo and tried to compete for attention with her when in truth, Ning Xi did not care at all, and it was Ning Xueluos who tried to provoke her every time.

"Im very honored to be serving dinner to Miss Ning personally tonight, and Im happy for Mr. Su Yans successful proposal!" William Fee walked up the stage with poise and spoke to Ning Xueluo and Su Yan warmly.

"Im honored as well to have you here, Mr. Fee," Ning Xueluo smiled.

"Thank you, my friend!" Su Yan hugged William Fee like long-lost friends.

The banquet hall was in an uproar.

For a renowned chef like William Fee to be invited to a celebration dinner such as this was no easy feat; he was regarded as one of the top celebrities in the world. It was only because of Su Yans relationship with him that he promised to show up.

"Oh my god, Xueluo must be the happiest woman on earth!"

"If someone would put this much effort in for me"

"Stop daydreaming, not everyone is able to invite William Fee to their dinner. Theres only one Su Yan, and theres also only one William Fee!"

A bunch of actresses behind Ning Xueluo talked endlessly in excited, high-pitched voices.

"A top chef like William Fee is so difficult to book, what more as hes Alain Passas student. With such an outstanding profile, there aren't many who can afford him!"

"Alright, ladies and gentlemen, I will be preparing the banquet for everyone. Please wait patiently!" William Fee left the banquet hall and went on to prepare dinner.

As he left, a bunch of food journalists quickly trailed after him as they did not want to miss any opportunity to take his picture.

A combination of mouth-watering cooking plus a handsome man - what a hot topic!

A while after William Fee and the bunch of journalists left, the banquet hall door opened again. Everyone thought William Fee was done preparing dinner, but it wasnt him. Instead, it was a middle-aged foreign chef standing in the doorway